Onboard digital at PUM


In France, the entire fleet of PUM trucks now have an onboard IT system to simplify employees’ and customers’ lives.

Onboard digital at PUM

Improve customer satisfaction and make drivers’ lives easier are two core concerns at PUM, a partner-trader in innovative services and solutions for synthetic materials. This French brand has equipped its fleet of almost 300 trucks with a multi-function PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) to digitalize route planning and delivery dockets, product scanning, computerized customer signature on delivery, real-time tracing of deliveries to customer sites along with a traffic navigation system. This tool can also be used to take a photo of the products left at a site prior to the worker's arrival and to safely contact customers directly from the driver's cab.

In very dense urban areas, drivers optimize deliveries by picking up orders at the sales outlets along their route. Finally, having orders stored in a computer saves time by allowing quick access to archives and provides sales teams with real-time information about current orders. Customers will soon able to check the status of their order or orders by logging onto the PUM website (mypum.fr).

Photo Credit: ©Messaline Letannaux.