Commitments related to our values

Saint-Gobain has supported the UN's Global Compact since 2003. This commitment bears witness to the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach of the Group, who regularly communicates on its progress in the areas covered by the Global Compact. Pierre-André de Chalendar sits on the executive board of Global Compact France.

Saint-Gobain has signed the business leaders' statement of support for UN Human Rights. 

Saint-Gobain is a corporate member of Transparency International France's engaged businesses Forum. As such, Saint-Gobain supports the work of the association and undertakes to refuse and combat corruption, in all its forms. Saint-Gobain accordingly undertakes to do its upmost to put in place a sound system of prevention inspired by the best practices in force in the corporate world.

Saint-Gobain supports the Caring for Climate initiative related to the Global Compact to implement effective measures against the threat of climate change. Saint-Gobain is among 100 businesses championing carbon pricing.

As part of the Lima-Paris Action Agenda, Saint-Gobain has joined the corporate alliance for water and climate change. This initiative supports the actions of towns and catchment areas with regard to the sustainable management of water resource and adapting to the consequences of climate change.

The Group has signed the world buildings and construction for the climate alliance, launched on this occasion. At its launch, this alliance gathered 8 large corporations, 20 states and more than 50 national and international organizations and business networks.

The Paris Pledge for Action for the climate gathers together 1,200 non-governmental actors around one and the same commitment: help implement the Paris Agreement at the end of the COP21 and accelerate the transformations required to cope with the challenge of climate change. As an advocate for the rapid reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and adaptation to the effects of climate change, Saint-Gobain has joined the parties signing this pledge.

In addition to its Responsible Purchasing policy, some Group purchases involve specific environmental, social or societal risks. These risks being identified, Saint-Gobain has embarked on an adapted safe-sourcing action plan including dialogue with the stakeholders involved.

Since the first version of the Building Distribution sector's Timber Policy in 2007, Saint-Gobain has undertaken to protect biodiversity and local populations, to verify the legality of timber according to European regulations and to promote timber that is certified or from responsibly managed forests in its "purchasing" chapter. The Building Distribution sector undertakes in the same policy's "sales" chapter to train its teams, inform its customers and certify its branches FSC/PEFC.