XILEC: Mission-critical ceramics for next-generation glass manufacturing

Many of today’s innovative products require new types of glass that are more difficult to make than traditional glass. Saint-Gobain SEFPRO has developed XILEC, a new refractory material, in response to this trend. This zirconia-based ceramic, manufactured by very a high-temperature fusion-cast process, is used to build glassmaking furnaces producing advanced types of glass used in many aspects of modern life.
Key player in innovation
With the XILEC refractory, Saint-Gobain is contributing to the development of the technological materials that surround us, by encouraging the emergence of efficient and ecological solutions. Unique in the world and with unparalleled performance, this patented product is manufactured in France and exported worldwide.


Glass is now a crucial component in the high-tech objects that are part of our day-to-day life. And yet we are not always aware of them. For example, it is used to strengthen plastics in cars, making them lighter and reducing their consumption. It is used in the structure of wind turbine blades that are central to the energy transition. It is used to make car windshields, building windows, and solar panels. And it is used extensively in our day-to-day appliances, such as TV screens and smartphones.

These types of glass must be strong, flawless, and cost-efficient. As they are very difficult to produce, improved manufacturing methods are required, including the use of XILEC in very specific, mission-critical areas of the glassmaking furnaces. Far more resistant to the intense corrosion by molten glass, XILEC improves furnace operation and extends its lifetime, which are key concerns for glassmakers.  


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