Saint-Gobain’s industrial markets comprise a number of different sectors (health, energy, metallurgy, non-metal raw materials, mineral extraction, chemicals, petrochemicals and semi-conductors) that find applications in security, industrial equipment and household appliances.

Saint-Gobain relies on strong expertise in materials science, formulation, design of automotive glass applications, ceramics, abrasive solutions, performance polymers and fiberglass. It has expertise in multiple state-of-the-art applications that make use of the specific properties of its materials (high temperature resistance, abrasion, chemical stability, surface properties, etc.).

Many solutions are developed jointly with customers to cater to their specific needs, particularly in plastics, high performance refractory products for the metalworking and glass manufacturing industries, and crystals for radiation detection systems and also waste recovery.

In the healthcare market the Group markets tailor-made, single-use solutions (tubes, connectors, pockets, filters, etc.) used in fluid management, as well as painting cloths with sanitary characteristics that are particularly suited for healthcare environments. 

Infographic Medical Sector
Zoom on Saint-Gobain solutions for healthcare

For other markets, Saint-Gobain offers a wide variety of solutions for other markets: polymer strips and films that have chemical and thermal properties with multiple industrial applications, highly sophisticated refractory products for steel-making and metalworking, comprehensive solutions for each stage of the abrasion, cutting and polishing process as well as machine components or high-precision equipment for transport or motorization

Our challenges

  • Ensuring close relationships with our clients

The continuous evolution of the markets requires us to constantly adapt our solutions and services and to become more agile and responsive, so as to provide our customers with the best possible support in their projects.

  • Boosting the competitiveness of our customers

Serving our clients means focusing on their expectations when designing the solutions we provide, so as to enhance their operational performance.

  • Taking full advantage of data and digital technologies

In order to better know our customers, data analysis, artificial intelligence and smart management of digital channels have become crucial growth drivers.

  • Innovating in an open manner

With disruptive technologies changing the face of our world, we are developing solutions hand in hand with our clients, and we are investing in open innovation by integrating R&D teams, startups and academia.

Co-development: creating solutions together

Meeting the challenges of the markets in which we operate presupposes our researchers and engineers focus on the customer when designing our materials and solutions, while remaining open to the outside world. This is what underpins innovation at SaintGobain: a culture of co-development, partnership and open innovation. In this way, we can incorporate into our model the external stakeholders that are present in our ecosystem, such as startups, academia and research. 

Impressive innovations by Saint-Gobain have come out of this collaborative working method, especially in the area of highperformance solutions for the construction, mobility, life sciences and industrial sectors.

Coranit SlagR, the most recent refractory material for blast furnaces, has exceptional resistance and durability qualities. Its development was driven by the requirements of our major customer, the steelmaker ThyssenKrupp. Supported by Saint-Gobain Research Provence and a Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics & Refractories plant, ThyssenKrupp defined ambitious specifications for developing the new generation of refractories it needed.