Healthcare and Life sciences


In a world shaped by shifting demographics and technological disruption, the aspiration for health and well-being lies at the heart of many innovations, from medical research to comfort and healthcare infrastructures.

The healthcare market, and notably the pharmaceutical, medical and biotechnology sectors, offers promising prospects, which have been strengthened by the Covid-19 pandemic. The aging population and increased medical care represent a key challenge: between 2019 and 2030, the proportion of people over 65 years of age in the population of Europe and North America will rise from 18% to 22.1%. At the same time, new technologies such as biotechnologies are developing and medical techniques, such as liquid management, are evolving. These two phenomena translate into a new need for the development of solutions and materials with unique properties in laboratories or hospitals.

Like the mobility market, the healthcare market is a sector in which the reliability of solutions and their classification and compliance with standards are crucial. The Group thus markets tailor-made, single-use solutions (tubes, connectors, pockets, filters, etc.) used in fluid management, as well as painting cloths with sanitary characteristics that are particularly suited for healthcare environments.

We develop and design high-purity plastic components intended to control fluid circulation during intravenous and ophthalmic treatment and non-invasive surgical intervention. Our technical expertise, worldwide manufacturing capacities and market knowledge, combined with our R&D resources, enable us to meet the ever-changing needs of laboratories and medical and pharmaceutical sectors throughout the world. Finally, the Group also designs products for use in the medical imaging market (crystals and scintillators) and the cell therapy market.


Our challenges

  • Building comfortable and efficient hospitals

Providing a complete range of turnkey solutions for the design of high-performance and comfortable hospitals has become vital in the response to global health issues, as demonstrated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Fostering research and facilitating individualized therapies

The reliability and compliance of solutions is crucial to medical research. New responses such as biotechnologies and individualized therapies are developing, while medical techniques are evolving swiftly, thanks to constant innovation.

From operating rooms to medical imaging

Health is an industry dear to Saint-Gobain. Thanks to our recognized expertise in this field, we are able to contribute effectively to combating the pandemic through a variety of practical solutions. Every day, we continue to innovate to provide materials and solutions for the most critical medical applications. From acoustic solutions for the ceilings of medical rooms to plasterboard to purify indoor air, from scintillators for imaging to flexible tubes, from cell culture bags to wall coverings and antibacterial glass partitions —our expertise reflects the diversity of our customers’ needs in terms of hygiene, comfort and safety.

Painted fabrics for health safety

Sanitizing the air in patient rooms, rest rooms and unventilated areas in medical settings? This is all made possible by the Saint-Gobain Adfors paintable wall coverings. The Novelio® Clean Air wall covering cleans indoor air by absorbing 70% of the formaldehyde present in the air. Novelio® Mold-X, meanwhile, contains an active antibacterial agent.

 X 15

A 15-fold increase in the production of parts essential for manufacturing respirators —that is the feat achieved by the Life Sciences Business Unit in order to meet demand from hospitals at the start of the pandemic.


Saint-Gobain solutions for medical sector

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