Mobility is a central issue in sustainable development, as transports are responsible for one-quarter of the world’s CO2 emissions. Better mobility hinges on the design of individual and collective transportation systems that ensure comfort, safety and sustainability; it also involves rethinking logistics networks for greater efficiency and less environmental impact.

Saint-Gobain engineers high-performance solutions to create individual and collective transport that are safe, sustainable, and performant for the comfort of all.

Saint-Gobain manufactures windshields, side windows, rear windows, glass sunroofs and assembled modules for major global automotive manufacturers. These solutions ensure everyday comfort for drivers and passengers and respond to the changes in mobility in terms of practices and regulations, particularly in the area of the environment.

Saint-Gobain is also present in the distribution segment for replacement automobile glazing on the independent market and has a European network of repair and replacement facilities.

The Group is active in the transportation market, producing glazing for the aerospace and railroad sectors, shipping, and industrial vehicles. Saint-Gobain also designs and supplies bearings and tolerance rings designed to reduce weight, noise and vibrations, and improve vehicle performance.

For the aerospace market, the Group provides high-performance technological solutions such as high-performance plastics, composite mold-release films, seals and low-pressure conduits. It also manufactures air and ground radomes providing maximum radio frequency protection, while ensuring uninterrupted communication with optimal reliability.

Our challenges

  • Moving toward more intelligent and sustainable mobility

Improving quality of life and mitigating climate change depend on the improved efficiency of transport systems, both individual and collective. Innovating to reinvent mobility also needs to be informed by an understanding of the user experience and environmental impacts.

  • Supporting new mobility trends

Accelerating technological innovation, digitalization and the development of autonomous vehicles, as well as the major shift of society and consumers toward use rather than possession, calls for a rethink of the very ideas of comfort and safety in transport.

Saint-Gobain solutions for mobility


Infographic Mobility

Towards more efficient, more comfortable and safer vehicles

Working with automobile, aerospace and rail equipment companies, Saint-Gobain is helping to develop safer and more energy-efficient mobility schemes by applying its expertise in high-tech materials and innovative glass systems.

Responding to new mobility challenges, Saint-Gobain provides vehicle manufacturers with the full scope of its innovation capabilities and its understanding of environmental responsibility at every step of the value chain.

Responding to the environmental challenge

Saint-Gobain helps reduce the industry’s overall environmental footprint with downstream solutions, such as recycling broken window glass and disused windscreens for customers like Audi and SNCF in France. The Group is also working on curbing CO2 emissions from its production processes and developing materials that reduce noise, vibration, weight and energy consumption.

Traveler experience, reinvented

Glass is central to the quality of the onboard experience. Saint-Gobain provides solutions that, although lighter, also enhance acoustic and thermal comfort, reduce the energy needed for air conditioning, and improve safety. Saint-Gobain Sekurit’s ultra-innovative glass systems maximize comfort for passengers and drivers. For example, the AmpliSky interactive roof can switch from transparent to opaque instantly on demand, without compromising thermal comfort inside the vehicle. Concerning safety, new windows are adapting to the fully connected vehicle in which a growing number of driver assistance systems —sensors, cameras, etc.— have to communicate. A prototype connected windshield, developed under a partnership with the startup Cerence, will for example be able to display information for the driver and passengers. In addition to glazing, we also supply glass wool products for acoustic and fire-resistant insulation.

Saint-Gobain solutions for electric vehicles

User experience, performance, safety, sustainability: discover our solutions and their benefits in an infographics dedicated to electric vehicles.

Infographic Electric Vehicles


Saint-Gobain Sekurit glazing increases the autonomy of electric vehicles by up to 5% depending on the climate.

Sustainable mobility for all

For Saint-Gobain, sustainable mobility schemes should be accessible to as many people as possible and provide a seamless experience between life at home —or in the workplace— and in transportation. To make smart mobility schemes available to all, we are convinced that ease of use and the cost of the component materials must be taken into account, right from the design phase.

Supporting the aeronautics of the future

The need to transport more and more passengers as a result of the structural population increase trends, combined with the need to protect the environment, automatically creates an increasing demand for new materials and solutions, necessary components for the aircraft of the future.

Infographic Aeronautics

Sustainable shipbuilding materials for different applications

Sustainable ship building, comfort & safety at sea

Saint-Gobain Marine offers complementary expertise and sustainable shipbuilding solutions to meet the needs of ship owners, naval architects and shipyards.

Saint-Gobain Marine