The R&D of Saint-Gobain comprises local teams and centers dedicated to specific businesses as well as a network of eight Transversal R&D centers, meant to serve all the businesses of Saint-Gobain worldwide.

The eight Transversal R&D Centers, individually and as a network, must maintain and acquire core technologies at top level; host large projects & exploratory programs, be innovation showcases for our customers, act as hubs for academic and external contacts, and finally attract and develop talent. They deliver on projects for their respective customer Business Units, leveraging their specific competences and skills. 

This networked organization enables it to identify local innovation needs and provide global responses, by drawing on solutions and skills from all of its R&D centers throughout the world.

It helps to speed up the innovation processes that bring together teams from R&D, manufacturing, marketing and sales throughout project durations, ensuring that all the skills that are needed for project success are available.

The R&D teams operate on the basis of individually managed projects. This method of operation allows it to conduct research and development activities with the greatest possible efficiency, assigning the appropriate resources and looking a long way upstream at considerations relating to markets, industrial property, production, respect for health and the environment. This organizational structure also means that Saint-Gobain can ensure a continuous flow of innovations, for market launch at the appropriate time.

The eight transversal R&D centers