POINT.P promotes bio-sourced insulation


The French brand, POINT.P, has put together a range of bio-sourced insulation materials. Presented in a separate catalogue, this range has been developed in response to new expectations expressed by trades professionals and individuals.

POINT.P promotes bio-sourced insulation

In line with its ambitious eco-responsible approach, the French construction materials and building products distribution brand, POINT.P, has structured its bio-sourced insulation products into a specific range. Manufactured using wood fiber, or cellulose, hemp or cotton wadding, these products now account for 10% of the insulation market. They provide numerous advantages in terms of thermal comfort, life span and recycling for both renovation projects and new builds.

To provide trades professionals with the best service for these solutions, the brand has included its entire range (1500 products) in the SOLU+ configurator, which is available to all members of the Generation Artisans loyalty program. POINT.P also offers training for its employees to ensure they have a comprehensive understanding of these solutions and products. With this training under their belts, the sales teams will guide customers to the best solution depending on their expectations.

For more information, log onto the POINT.P website (in French only).