SAINT-GOBAIN BRAIN, the Artificial Intelligence of Saint-Gobain needs you!

Search, think and reveal yourself to help an Artificial Intelligence.

Saint-Gobain Brain (The Game)


An immersive adventure inside a Saint-Gobain-themed futuristic virtual world. This serious game makes you explore the Group’s various profession areas in search of clues disseminated through three rooms: a sales point, a 4.0 plant and a laboratory. With the help of artificial intelligence, you are guided to solve the three main challenges and the fifteen stages.



Escape from a Research and Development center where you are trapped in.

Artificial Intelligence needs help to develop its capabilities; you will have to use your own soft skills (Saint-Gobain Attitudes: cultivate customer intimacy, act as an entrepreneur, innovate, be agile, build an open and engaging culture) to meet the challenge.

PLAY on (Duration: 10-12 minutes)

Entertainment and philanthropy

SAINT-GOBAIN BRAIN is not just a serious game, it’s also a partnership with associations supported by the Saint-Gobain Foundation.

A donation is triggered to a nonprofit association with each new participant When the donation gauge reaches its goal, Saint-Gobain then transfers the amount to the selected association. For instance, France has chosen Habitat & Humanisme.

habitat et humanisme, link builders

For more than 30 years, to respond to the exclusion and isolation of people in difficulty, Habitat et Humanisme has acted in favor of housing, integration and the re-creation of social links.

Resolutely turned towards innovation, the Movement has developed economic tools with a social vocation, to finance and carry out its action.

Habitat et Humanisme has given itself a mission:

  • to allow people with low resources, precarious because of their social situation, their age, their handicap or their health, to access decent housing, adapted to their situation and their resources,
  • to contribute to a city opened to all, by favoring housing located in “balanced neighborhoods”,
  • to offer personalized or collective support to encourage the re-creation of links and social inclusion.
  • 8,250 homes purchased directly or mobilized from solidarity owners.
  • 1,765 new families housed in 2018

SAINT-GOBAIN BRAIN: a serious game at the employer brand’s service

An innovative and engaging experience that awakens, stimulates, attracts, engages and builds loyalty through common goals in recruitment and gaming.

A pleasant moment that combines learning about the Group's professional areas and entertainment.

Saint-Gobain, it’s a multitude of brands (Isover, Gyproc, Placo, Point.P, Weber, Cedeo, Eurocoustic, etc.) but one and same employer. This is why, through this game, the Group has decided to show the wealth of professional opportunities offered by its brands and its uniqueness as an employer.

Saint-Gobain is an essential and innovative international actor in the creation of materials and solutions that change the lives. The serious game has thus been thought out interculturally in order to be played in all the countries where the Group is established and recruits.

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