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Brand Communication

The result of cooperation between several Saint-Gobain entities, the health protection glass range has been extended to cover numerous protection situations.

Brand Communication

Disabled customers at the British distribution brand, JP Corry, now receive personalized attention when they use the new “Just a minute” mobile app.

La Journée internationale des Musées avec #SaintGobain

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Today is Museum Day, but did you know that silence is a key element in these places? Visitors get the most out of their experience when everything is quiet around them.

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After many years of heavy rain, Copenhagen’s Kastellet, the Danish capital’s iconic citadel, found itself at risk. Brødrene Dahl answered a public call for tenders to reinforce the building.

Brand Communication

In Denmark, Brødrene Dahl is making professionals’ lives easier with the introduction of a logistics service that saves time and boosts customer loyalty.