More cullet, less CO2

In France, the Aniche flat glass plant has launched a "Tri Calcin" [Cullet Sorting] project. The aim is to significantly reduce its CO2 emissions and recycle the glass available from local renovation sites.

Carbon Fund

Three Carbon Fund winners

In the UK, a biomass heating system, a photovoltaic solar panel and insulation solution, and air source heat pumps will be financed through the Carbon Fund launched in Northern Europe.

Image © Jordi García via EU MiesGrand Parc in Bordeaux / Lacaton & Vassal.

Can the circular economy and architecture coexist?

The circular model really can be adapted to any architectural project, saving resources and limiting waste. Read about 10 ways of incorporating these ideas in an ArchDaily article produced in partnership with Saint-Gobain.


The 16th Saint-Gobain “Multi Comfort Student Contest” is going digital.

This international competition created by Saint-Gobain, will concern the city of Saint-Denis in the Paris region. Based on Saint-Gobain’s Multi-Comfort concept, the competition is enjoying even greater success involving 210 universities and 38 participant countries this year. The winning team will be announced on 11 June during a major live event online.

Saint-Gobain Tower

The Extraordinary Tower

Cécile Siméone, Interior Decorator, and Henry Samuel, Journalist, meet with experts who take us on a behind-the-scenes tour of Saint-Gobain Tower’s construction by way of a series of five videos.

The Urban Challenge

“The Urban Challenge. Reviving the desire to live in a city”, by Pierre-André de Chalendar (Odile Jacob Publishing)

Once the seductive symbol of sophistication and unlimited possibility, the city has become synonymous in our imagination with sprawl, stress, pollution—even the propagation of disease. How do we reawaken the attraction humanity has so long felt toward these centers of trade, knowledge, and cultural exchange? And what must we do to make the city hospitable to both its inhabitants and the natural environment?


Skyline 2050

Discover the future with our new Skyline 2050 web series, a future where Saint-Gobain has achieved Carbon Neutrality! Find the innovations and solutions of the collaborators who made it possible to reach this goal by watching the episodes here.


World Health Day

Saint-Gobain Group supplies high-performance plastic materials and components designed specifically for the healthcare market.


Flat Glass driving towards carbon neutrality

Transportation accounts for one-quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, of that 74% is for road transportation. Using various solutions, Saint-Gobain Glass Logistics is intent on reducing the environmental footprint of glass transportation within the Group. Find out how.