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24 October 2016

21 October 2016

  • Saint-Gobain
    Easy ways to improve your everyday comfort with Saint-Gobain!

    The MULTICOMFORT design concept is all about building and renovating our homes, offices, hospitals and schools in a way that results in greater levels of comfort...

  • Saint-Gobain
    If you want to light up your House or appartment Ceiling or if you are fan of Bollywood decoration! ;)
    -> Gyproc False Ceiling Changes Everything:

20 October 2016

19 October 2016

  • SaintGobainTV
    David Gottfried presents the David Gottfried Award 2016
    David Gottfried presents the David Gottfried Global Green Building Entrepreneurship Award to Pierre André de Chalendar,...
  • Saint-Gobain

    "Celebrating Sustainable Construction together" by Pierre-André de Chalendar, CEO of #SaintGobain

  • SaintGobainTV
    Pierre André de Chalendar - winner of the David Gottfried Award 2016
    Pierre André de Chalendar, CEO of Saint-Gobain, accepts the David Gottfried Award at the World Green Buil...
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