Saint-Gobain Research Compiègne – Thourotte – France

Saint-Gobain Research Compiègne (SGR Compiègne) is located in Thourotte, France. This R&D transversal center is mainly dedicated to Saint-Gobain Flat Glass activities and provides the Group with its specific expertise. This research center thus contributes to innovation by developing and industrializing new products and systems for automotive and building glazing, as well as new processes and inspection tools for our plants.

Saint-Gobain Research Compiègne teams developed a wide range of products such as panoramic windshields, new generations of solvent-free mirrors, illuminated shower doors, commercial refrigeration furniture doors that save 20% energy.

Saint-Gobain Research Compiègne established a deep relation with a network of universities, technical and industrial collaborations, in particular through co-developments, with its customers and suppliers.

As a key player of industrial excellence, Saint-Gobain Research Compiègne mobilizes its teams with a renowned expertise to offer technical support to operational units.

With a worldwide approach, Saint-Gobain Research Compiègne recruits and trains high-level employees. Their professional development relies on their acquired technical skills in R&D and on their knowledge in system developments and/ or in operational requirements.


Saint-Gobain Research Compiègne’s core competencies:

  • Mechanics and automotive glass forming

Research activities enable to meet both the increasingly complex requirements of automotive designers but also the growing requirements of cost, industrial productivity and product quality, particularly as for the optical properties. The improvement of existing processes and the invention of new processes is a key factor to enhance competitive differentiation. This activity involves the use of advanced pilot lines and cutting-edge numerical modelling tools.

  • Technologies of Systems combining glass and polymers

Thanks to its expertise in the combination of glass and polymers, Saint-Gobain Research Compiègne develops and optimizes a wide range of products and systems: from laminated glass, used for its safety functions in automotive and building markets, to double or triple glazing in buildings, not to mention the overmoulding and bonding of polymer parts for automotive glazing.

  • Functional coating technologies

Research projects concern the development and understanding of the behavior of functional coatings, in particular during manufacturing stages and in operating condition, as well as the deposition processes. The research focuses on wet coatings such as enamels for the automotive and construction applications, silver plating and painting on glass for interior decoration. The research also focuses on sol-gel anti-reflective coatings for solar applications and horticultural greenhouses, temporary thin film protection resins or chemical deposition processes and thin film treatment processes.

  • Complex system – Active glazing

Research activities focus on functional and active glazing such as mirrors, illuminated shower screens in buildings, or windshields integrating displays and sensors in the automotive.

  • Acoustic, Thermal and Visual Rendering, Optics for Metrology

The research covers a large field of activities such as the development of dimension calculation tools of complex systems (facade, vehicle interiors). Research topics also consist in developing prescription tools to assist in the evaluation of the end-user comfort (thermal, daylight). Research projects are based of product & systems innovations integrating new functionalities, for example, acoustics. The design and industrialization of optical measurement equipment are meant to ensure the quality of Saint-Gobain’s products and contribute to measure the industrial performance of production lines. Acoustic studies for building applications are carried out in our ISO 17025 accredited Laboratory.

  • Testing Laboratories 

They are entrusted with quality follow-up of products for production sites inside and outside Saint-Gobain group. These labs are able to perform different tests on glass:  ageing and durability tests for building and automotive applications, mechanical tests for rheology, adhesion as well as impact resistance.