Saint-Gobain Research Paris – Aubervilliers – France

Saint-Gobain Research Paris (SGR Paris) is located at Aubervilliers, near Paris. This Saint-Gobain research center contributes to materials research projects in the areas of building materials: plaster, mortars, insulation and glazing; and high performance materials: polymers, abrasives, ceramics, crystals. This R&D transversal center develops virtual reality expertise for various habitat-related projects. Thanks to its expertise in building sciences, SGR Paris successfully meets the challenges of thermal, acoustic and visual comfort, and interior air quality.

SGR Paris develops specific key expertise enabling it to lead research that covers a large range of fields such as glass, coatings, surfaces and building sciences in general. The expertise area of SGR Paris brings together a broad range of scientific disciplines combining optics and physics of soft materials, as well as design and applied mathematics. This multidisciplinary nature enhances Saint-Gobain Research Paris’s ability to carry out its research work on products and their manufacturing processes.

Saint-Gobain Research Paris also contributes to the Saint-Gobain University Network (SUN) by establishing partnerships with academic laboratories in France and abroad.

Saint-Gobain Research Paris key competencies:


  • Emission reduction and energy control
  • Products: flat glass, fibers, glass ceramics
  • Processes: melting, forming, fiberizing


  • Energy performance of buildings and renewable energies
  • Products: building glass, automotive, lighting
  • Processes: magnetron and wet coating

Building materials 

  • Cost reduction and energy saving
  • Products: Polymers, plaster, cement, mortar, resins
  • Processes: Drying, hardening, coating

Habitat and building sciences

  • Multi- comfort approach (acoustics, thermal, visual, air quality)
  • Virtual reality and digital imaging


Design and sociology 

Data science

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