Saint-Gobain Research Provence – Cavaillon – France


Saint-Gobain Research Provence (SGR Provence) is located in Cavaillon near Avignon, in the Provence region. The scientists of this Saint-Gobain research center develop products and processes for all the material businesses of the Group, with a particular focus on ceramic materials. It is certified ISO 9001 and 14001 and hosts a joint CNRS/Saint-Gobain laboratory (UMR 3080).


Research projects concern mineral materials, ceramics and refractories: formulation, synthesis and material packaging, product characterization and in-service performance, development of manufacturing processes. The products, in the form of grains, powders, and machined components, are designed for high-tech applications, in areas such as modern production, energy-saving or environmental protection, for major industrial sectors and sustainable habitat. 


SGR Provence is provided with state-of-the-art equipment for all kind of chemical, physical and structural measurements and characterization, for metrology as well as in process technology, including furnaces operating at temperatures over 2,000 °C. The centre has built up many deep long term relationships with Saint-Gobain plants all over the world and collaborates with the other R&D teams of the Group. As unity is strength, we cooperate also with external partners from industry or academic research in France and abroad.