Saint-Gobain revolutionizes wall lining


Born from synergies between ISOVER and Placo® in France, Optimax Habito® is a brand-new system for insulating walls from inside. The promise? An 80% reduction in metal framework and 50% fewer screws compared to traditional systems.

Saint-Gobain revolutionizes wall lining

The new Optimax Habito® insulation system is the brainchild of Placo® and Isover in France, who decided to pool their expertise. It uses Habito® ultra-strong plasterboard and GR30 or GR32 glass wool from Isover containing at least 40% recycled glass, with a patented installation kit (supports, connectors, screws).

The innovation lies in the need for virtually no metal frame. For installation, the boards no longer need central rails but attach directly to the supports, meaning only half the number of screws is needed. This new assembly method offers unrivaled ease of assembly and an average time saving of 20%, reducing the risk of injury from cutting the metal frames. The innovative system also reduces worksite waste and is 100% recoverable through the Placo Recycling® and Isover Recycling recovery streams.

Photo Credit: ©Raphael Demaret