Saint-Gobain sapphire windows

Sapphire windows manufactured by Saint-Gobain Crystals are the world’s largest: they are 30 cm wide and more than 50 cm long. Used in the aviation sectors within aerospace and protection, they have extreme mechanical strength and chemical resistance properties.

The properties of sapphire

Sapphire is the hardest material after diamond. A very pure, very rigid and transparent monocrystal, sapphire is manufactured using our patented crystal growth process employing ultra-pure raw materials. Meticulous control of the thermal conditions makes it possible to grow monocrystalline pieces in various shapes (windows, cylinders, etc.).The pieces obtained are then cut to shape, trimmed, and polished to perfection. 

Sapphire’s strength and durability protect the window against erosion by rain, sand... 

Sapphire windows on all fronts 

Sapphire windows are used in aviation, especially to facilitate night or low visibility (fog, rain, etc.) landings. An infrared camera placed on the nose of the aircraft and protected by a sapphire window analyses the distance from the ground and secures the maneuver.

Saint-Gobain Crystals also manufactures products for infrared windows and targeting systems and transparent protective window in sapphire glass for ground based vehicles. This transparent protective window is comprised of large sheets of sapphire laminated with multiple layers of glass and polycarbonate.

Sapphire windows and windshields are an alternative to traditional glass solutions. They are lighter, they improve night visibility, and withstand sand abrasion and the corrosive gases emitted.