“Avantages Pro”: POINT.P’s service pack

In France, the POINT.P Matériaux de Construction brand provides its professional building and construction customers with services to facilitate their day-to-day activity and improve their commercial performance.
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An exclusive Pack tailored to tradespeople’s needs
Innovative services for each stage
POINT.P Matériaux de Construction has introduced “Avantages Pro,” a services pack providing tradespeople with about 10 innovative digital tools.

Four of the tools included in the “Avantages Pro” Pack from POINT.P Matériaux de Construction are particularly innovative. 

BUSINESS+ is a service that puts homeowners seeking tradespeople to carry out work into contact with building professionals. It helps tradespeople find new clients, select future projects and grow their business.

SOLU+ is the first worksite configurator specifically developed for professionals. With SOLU+, tradespeople can easily cost complete solutions, prepare a quotation and place orders on line in just a few clicks.

RÉNOPRIM+ a new service enabling RGE* professionals to receive Energy Savings Certificate payments by promoting their energy renovation worksites. This tool also enables them to provide financing solutions at very attractive rates to their homeowner customers.

CAP RENOV+ is a thermal assessment program incorporating more than 2,000 tax benefits and financial incentives. In just a few minutes, tradespeople can establish the thermal balance of a dwelling, simulate the energy renovation work and draw up a budget including the cost of the work required, the energy savings, and the financial incentives available for the work. CAP RENOV+ is one of the programs listed by CAPEB** for the ECO Artisan® (RGE) qualification.

Numerous other services are also available to help customers simplify their day-to-day business. They are divided into six main groups each of which corresponds to a stage in the work on a construction project.

1. Training

FEEBAT training

This training is essential for passing an exam (a mandatory step in obtaining the RGE certificate), and is provided in the POINT.P Matériaux de Construction sales outlets for tradespeople. The three-day course develops their awareness of energy renovation issues and the importance of adopting an overall approach to buildings being renovated.

Assistance compiling an RGE application 

POINT.P Matériaux de Construction has selected a partner to help professionals put together their RGE certificate application submitted to QUALIBAT. Tradespeople who take advantage of this service to complete this complicated administrative process save time and are assured their application will be correctly presented.

2. Information 

Online advice on  

This service enables building professionals to keep constantly up-to-date with a variety of topics using advice cards and a building guide in the form of thematic videos.

‘Carnet de chantiers’

The ‘Carnet de chantiers’ (Worksite Book) magazine and newsletter provides tradespeople with details about the latest techniques for product use, new materials and products, building and renovation trends, new legislation and legal advice.

3. Find clients


This service puts homeowners seeking tradespeople to carry out work into contact with building professionals.

4. Project simulation and costing

In addition to the SOLU+, RÉNOPRIM+ and CAP RENOV+ services, POINT.P Matériaux de Construction provides other services in this group.

Renovation subsidies and incentives

This service is currently the only free, readily-accessible database that lists more than 2,000 financial subsidies and tax incentives. This exclusive POINT.P Matériaux de Construction database allows professionals and homeowners to search, find and consult government subsidies for energy renovation work.

Heavy building materials and floor studies

Experts at the POINT.P Matériaux de Construction regional technical centers examine projects and draw up customized global studies free-of-charge. The OMEGA quantity survey program calculates the quantities of materials needed for the heavy building materials, and calculates the dimensions for reinforced and pre-stressed concrete components (beams, foundations and floors).

Thermal engineering 

This service enables tradespeople to use the services of a thermal engineering consultant to effectively reduce the energy consumption of existing buildings through renovation work; and to make that new builds comply with France’s 2012 Thermal Regulations. It aims to limit the greenhouse gas emissions attributable to the building sector.

Decoration showroom

This free and easily accessible tool makes choosing floor and wall tiles easy. Users select the type of room (office, bedroom, bathroom or living room), then choose a photo that most resembles their interior in order to test the various combinations possible. 

To find out more about the Decoration Showroom, click here (In French only).

5. Product purchases on

To help tradespeople with the day-to-day management of their worksites, the POINT.P Matériaux de Construction website enables to them check product availability in their usual sales outlet, display their preferential prices, consult the many detailed product data sheets, place orders, obtain advice, view training videos and access the many interactive tools available on the site.

6. Worksite completion procedures

Administrative documents online on  

Customers with an online account can locate and consult all their administrative documents: order history, quotations, delivery dockets and invoices. They can also download their personalized price lists, save product lists, request a duplicate invoice, and consult the list of products purchased and the top 100 items sold to tradespeople working in their field.

* France’s RGE (recognized environmental protector) label is a sign of quality issued to building companies and trades professionals. 

** Professional organization of building trades professionals