The Building Distribution Sector’s global brands

Saint-Gobain’s Building Distribution Sector has developed four global brands offering high quality and, efficient products which suit all its customers’ needs: NOVIPro, Alterna, Altech, and more recently ULTIPRO.
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And four global brands!
The Building Distribution Sector is focusing on developing its global brands distributed exclusively through its sales outlets.

Saint-Gobain’s Building Distribution

Saint-Gobain Building Distribution’s global brands, exclusively developed and sold by the Sector’s outlets, have been an integral part of its strategy for more than 10 years. Alongside local brands already well-established on certain markets, such as ceramic tiles, Saint-Gobain Building Distribution is developing four global brands: NOVIPro, Alterna, Altech, and more recently ULTIPRO.

Thanks to its global brands, Saint-Gobain Building Distribution provides a wide range of products which suit all its customers’ needs in terms of quality, performance and cost. 

Global brands are a key lever of diffrentiation for Saint-Gobain Building Distribution. With high product quality standards for its products, a commitment to performance and a good value for money, the Sector’s global brands are positioned on the same level as reference brands in each product category. They meet strict specifications which guarantee quality and compliance of products. Each range has been developed with one goal: customer satisfaction. The awards attributed in particular to Alterna for its Pureday range show the products excellence: the brand was rewarded by the Interior Innovation Award at an international competition in 2016, and received the Reddot Design Award in 2015. 

Overview of Saint-Gobain Building Distribution’s four global brands

NOVIPro specialist in tools, fixings and equipment, offers products tested and approved to ensure they comply with stringent specifications in order tp reach a unique target: improve customer's efficiency on building sites. The brand covers a very broad range of products including tools, personal protection equipment and fixings, providing performance and reliability everyday. It selects products which deliver to its professional customers the value for money and excellent performance on their building sites.


Altech meets plumbing and heating specialists’ expectations with a range of products developed to comply with extremely high quality standards, even the most technical ones.


Alterna, specialized in sanitary products offers a wide range of bathroom solutions. The brand selects products combining attractive design, quality and performance. Rounded, clear and timeless lines, products designed for comfort and well-being. Alterna ranges offer a wide choice of high-quality products with elaborated design in order to keep its promise: customer satisfaction.


Following the success of its first three global brands, it was time for Saint-Gobain Building Distribution to launch its fourth brand on a market that weighs heavily in its business: construction products. ULTIPRO, a global brand launched in 2015 is covering three product categories: heavy building materials, interior solutions and roofing. Quality, efficiency, value for money and expertise are the key values celebrated by ULTIPRO brand. Already available in Saint-Gobain Building Distribution’s outlets in the Nordic countries, the brand is ready to conquer the rest of the Europe.

Currently available in 16 countries, Saint-Gobain Building Distribution’s global brands have been given the backing of its professional customers. Product reliability, design, quality, value for money and technical performance give a clear answer to the Sectors' customer's expectations.