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The Building Distribution Sector brands have innovative showrooms where their customers can view the latest products and trends.
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Showrooms: a source of inspiration for customers
Latest market trends under one roof
The Building Distribution brands create showrooms where customers can get advice and view products. These showrooms allow customers to see product ranges displayed in mock-up displays making it easier for them to make their final choice.

The showrooms are a source of inspiration for customers, tradespeople and homeowners who can explore all the latest materials, colors, sizes and styles. They are also a source of inspiration and information for specifiers (architects, interior decorators, designers and lead contractors), as they include a full range of technical documentation and applicable regulations, together with an array of multimedia tools.

The showrooms also demonstrate the Building Distribution Sector brands’ capacity for innovation in the way they present their product ranges. Here are a few examples.

POINT.P Matériaux de Construction, two complementary concepts

POINT.P Matériaux de Construction has introduced its decoration showroom, an interior design simulator that can be directly accessed on the web. This digital tool can simulate numerous potential combinations of tile colors, textures and sizes. Whether they intend the products for a bathroom, bedroom, office or even a living room, customers can test and select their preferences in just a few clicks.

POINT.P Matériaux de Construction currently has 120 showrooms in France open to homeowners and professionals. Among these, the brand has a unique site in Marseille called the POINT.P Forum. This showroom is entirely devoted to providing advice. It aims to inform building stakeholders (specifiers, tradespeople and end customers) and then to assist them with information about all the materials that go into a building’s construction, from the foundations to finishing. The POINT.P Forum in Marseille presents about 10 environments in a few segments (exterior finishing, ceramic tiles, parquets, joinery, and bathrooms), from the most traditional to the ultra-contemporary, alongside its regular display areas, to set the tone and recreate complete environments.

Kakelspecialisten creates a discussion space showcasing solutions

Kakelspecialisten, a specialist ceramic tile distributor in Sweden, has opened a 700-square meter showroom in downtown Stockholm. Unprecedented in the country, this space is run by four employees: two handle the 50 or so architects and designers who visit the showroom each week, a construction engineer is on hand to answer technical questions for certain projects (swimming pools, facades, industrial equipment, etc.), whereas the fourth visits about 15 architects and designers each week to present the product range.

Décocéram presents its products by environment

Décocéram, a brand specializing in ceramic tiles, has opened a sales outlet in Paris with various spaces which allow professionals and homeowners to select materials for their residential and service sector projects, whether for interior or exterior finishing. The products are presented by environment (bathrooms, kitchens and bathrooms) or by styles (wood effect, concrete or terracotta). This presentation of ceramic tiles aims to be dynamic and uses pivoting-panel, sliding or drawer display units. The showroom areas also provide a vast range entry level to more technical products. Additionally, Décocéram sells tools and provides a range of unprecedented services with support from expert consultants able to manage projects from A to Z.

Sanitas Troesch opens a showroom specifically for dependent persons

In Switzerland, Sanitas Troesch has reserved a specific area in its Saint-Gall showroom for the installation of residences for dependent persons. This concept, unique in Switzerland, provides numerous solutions for people wishing to maintain their autonomy in their own home. Sales consultants help customers simulate their bathroom layout: WC, washbasin, mirrors and accessories. 

A new store concept for Lapeyre

The new Lapeyre visual identity also involves modifying and modernizing the brand’s sales outlets, both visually and in terms of the interior layout. There is a spacious and friendly interior area, laid out with elegant signage and contemporary furniture reflecting the brand’s carpentry identity. Two specific areas have also been created: sales counters and “project desks” for longer interviews with customers, together with the adjacent materials library and samples.