Customized solutions by Building Distribution

The Building Distribution Sector of Saint-Gobain supports its customers at every stage of their journey. Whatever the customer profiles, their needs and expectations, the brands bring into play their expertise and know-how to ensure customer satisfaction.
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Customer journey: a solution at every stage
Looking for inspiration, training in new standards, getting delivered, giving feedback etc. Our brand’s customers, whether they are professionals or individuals, have access to a broad range of customized solutions adapted to every stage of their journey.

A solution at every stage 

From seeking information on our brand’s websites, to the delivery and after-sales services, through visiting the sales outlets, offers of products and services tailored to every need have been developed for our customers.

Craftsmen and construction  professionals

  • To supports these customers and help them deal with challenges of energy efficiency, innovative tools have been developed together with specific trainings for sustainable products and solutions for professionals. This contributes to the training of craftsmen and other construction professionals with for example the Klimacenters in the Nordic countries and the Greenworks Academy in the Netherlands that provide them with training in new products and regulations regarding energy-efficiency renovation projects.
  • The brands provide a diversified range of logistics services by organizing more fluid, efficient and environmentally friendly delivery of materials to construction professionals who increasingly require fast and reliable service. Thanks to the automation and the pooling of its logistics centers, the brands are able to deliver materials to the craftsmen’s worksites within 24 hours or even within one hour in large urban areas. The Click & Collect service also allows professionals to place an order and then collect it quickly at the nearest sales outlet.
  • Waste management services have also been created to make craftsmen’s day-to-day business easier. In the Netherlands, the LeanWorks program offers customers to completely take care of the building site’s logistics, from the delivery of materials to the collection of waste as part of the same round trip. This results in a significant time and money saving for professionals while improving the worksite’s management. 

Individuals with a renovation or construction project

  • To help individuals get inspiration for their project, our brands have opened showrooms. Traditionnally located in the sales outlets, these showrooms also become mobile, installed in special touring trucks.
  • To also help individuals design their project, the brands have introduced worksite simulators that provide a precise and detailed quotation for the planned solutions. Others use augmented reality to display their project in 3D.
  • Client satisfaction measuring tools have also been created to offer the best possible solution to the customers’ needs and expectations. On the internet, by phone, in sales outlets or on social media, everyone can share his experience and so help the brands improve their service. 

At the same time, digital tools have been rolled out to improve individuals’ and professionals’ satisfaction. The Building Distribution Sector makes its customers’ everyday life easier thanks to mobile apps, such as the one created by CEDEO, which provide them with clear and reliable product details, and the possibility to place orders and geo-locate the sales outlets. Online configurators, such as RaabCalc in the Netherlands, help craftsmen estimate and quote their projects, and minimize their error margin while also saving time. Homly You is an intermediation service that puts individuals with a renovation project into contact with qualified building professionals. A simple and practical tool that enables them to select the most qualified professionals for their project and providing those professionals with more work opportunities. In Germany, Marketing Plus allows craftsmen to create a more professional website.