Discover the magic of Saint-Just blown glass

Created 189 years ago, the Verrerie de Saint-Just glassworks joined Saint-Gobain in 1921. It has unique expertise in the art of blown glass, transmitted from generation to generation. Today, it is the reference supplier in Europe for glass and stained-glass for historic buildings.
Exceptional blown glass to create exquisite surfaces
Combining the best of the past and the present
Saint-Just has supplied windows for the Versailles Palace (France) and the French School in Kyoto (Japan), historic houses and cottages in all regions. It also produced glass for stained-glass windows by such artists as Matisse, Chagall, Rouault, Miró and Léger. Today, its technical solutions combine safety, environment, energy savings, efficiency and aesthetics.

Did you know ?

La Verrerie de Saint-Just is the oldest glassworks in the world to blow glass and then flatten it for architectural applications.

Established in 1826 in Saint-Just Saint-Rambert, La Verrerie de Saint-Just glassworks has been a Saint-Gobain subsidiary since 1921, and owned outright since 1961. It has been labelled EPV (Living Heritage Company) since 2007. The glassworks have had the great honor of working with the greatest master glassmakers and the most eminent artists having produced stained-glass windows. They include such famous names, although no longer living, whose work will continue to have worldwide influence for the centuries to come, as: Marc Chagall in Reims, Metz, Jerusalem, New York and Zurich; Henri Matisse in Venice; and also Fernand Léger in Caracas, Georges Braque in Varengevile-sur-Mer, Georges Rouault on the Plateau d’Assy, Léonard Foujita in Reims, Joan Miró in Senlis and the Maeght Foundation, to name just these.

La Verrerie de Saint-Just is celebrating its 150th anniversary for blown architectural glass, while its parent company Saint-Gobain is celebrating its 350th anniversary. Three and a half centuries ago, Saint-Gobain was created at the behest of the Sun King in order to rival the supremacy of the Republic of Venice on Europe's mirror market, and it was at Saint-Just, the heir to these glassmaking traditions, that the windows for Versailles Palace were manufactured after the 1999 storm. Similarly, leading master glassmakers and artists, from Venice and Italy, such as Alessandro Diaz de Santillana, the grandson of the founder of the illustrious Murano House, are now working in partnership with Saint-Just or buy its flat glass.La Verrerie de Saint-Just is also recognized worldwide for the restoration of heritage monument windows. Today, new technical solutions enable the glassworks to provide, be it for a cottage in Normandy or the most prestigious historic monuments in France and internationally, solutions combining the expertise of yesteryear with modern technological performance, using ultra-slim double-glazing or laminated glass to reduce the harmful effects of UV rays. These are all opportunities for the glassworks to make best use of all the expertise in the field of thermal insulation for buildings that is available in the Saint-Gobain Group, the world leader for habitat.  

Artists and designers Philippe Starck and Peter Marino have used Saint-Just colored glass for their creations in the Baccarat showroom in Paris (France) and for the Louis Vuitton boutique in Shanghai (China). La Verrerie de Saint-Just also produces superb blown glass that can be admired, after it is silvered to form the antique mottled mirrors in the Plaza Athénée (Paris) or at Alain Ducasse’s restaurant, or even in the homes of people who appreciate the magic of years of patina. Saint-Gobain and La Verrerie de Saint-Just sponsored an exceptional exhibition of contemporary stained glass windows at the Cité de l’Architecture (Paris) in Summer 2015.

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