The Frédéric Anton by Lapeyre kitchen

Sharing strong values such as quality, creativity and innovation, Lapeyre and Chef Frédéric Anton who has three Michelin stars and was voted Best Worker of France, have joined forces to redesign the kitchen with a new stainless steel model that combines style, function and ergonomics.
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An affordable chef’s kitchen
With this original and affordable creation, the Frédéric Anton by Lapeyre kitchen, you can enjoy the advantages of a great chef’s kitchen in your own home whatever your space or budget. It is made using stainless steel, the material preferred by professionals for its stability and aesthetic appearance, and recognized for its strength and ease-of-care.

Create a professional kitchen by watching a chef at work

The new Frédéric Anton by Lapeyre kitchen

Combining know-how and extensive expertise, this new model kitchen is the culmination of more than a year’s effort by renowned kitchen manufacturer Lapeyre working closely with Frédéric Anton. This approach, driven by a shared passion, led the brand’s teams to observe the chef in his own kitchen, to watch, analyze and understand better how a great professional works, his gestures and movements.

Using these observations and Frédéric Anton’s informed advice, the Lapeyre teams sketched the portrait of a kitchen designed to meet everyone’s needs and inspired by professional standards, especially with regard to ergonomics. At the same time, Frédéric Anton made a specific selection of accessories and products to be incorporated into this model.

This is how the Frédéric Anton by Lapeyre kitchen was created, a chef’s manifesto of the art of cooking, combining quality and creativity.


A three-star partnership

The deeply meaningful partnership will enable the brand to communicate around kitchens throughout the year, combining recipes and French manufacturing, innovation and research. The promotion will include a TV campaign, pages in the kitchen catalogue, and live displays in the brand’s outlets.

This chef’s kitchen, a reflection of Frédéric Anton, has been developed around three main criteria:

  • functional and aesthetic: the kitchen’s various elements are notable for their design and functionalism
  • optimum use and specialization of space: the working areas are offset and configured differently in order to optimize space and provide maximum work surface
  • easy access and concealed accessories: practical elements and handy accessories are built invisibly into the kitchen to make preparing dishes and stowage easier.


Watch the making of the advertisement with Chef Anton and the Lapeyre teams 

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