Out to win the senior citizens’ market

The senior citizen market is a growth opportunity for the Building Distribution Sector brands.
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A market to be conquered
The brands respond to senior citizens’ needs
Continuing to seek ways to work closer with their customers, the Building Distribution brands are looking to gain a foothold on this market. This new avenue of growth is an opportunity to provide an innovative range of products and services.

With the aging population, the Building Distribution brands are turning their attention to this high-potential market and developing their ranges of associated products and services. Here are a few examples.

Lapeyre’s innovative initiatives

Lapeyre has introduced Vita Confort in Paris (France), a new brand providing a solution tailored to the accessibility needs of senior citizens, the disabled and their caregivers. With an emphasis on practicality and good design, Vita Confort displays products for the bathroom, kitchen, home automation and specialized accessories.

Other initiatives, such as the "Guide de la maison accessible" (Guide to the accessible house – in French only) and the "Concept’Care by Lapeyre®" bathroom cabinet and washbasin unit are part of the development of the ISA® offer introduced in 2011 to facilitate the Independence of Senior Citizens and Accessibility.  

Sanitas Troesch and the dependent person market

In Switzerland, Sanitas Troesch has adapted a complete area in its St. Gallen showroom for equipment specifically for residences catering to dependent people. This concept, which is unique in Switzerland, provides numerous solutions for people wanting to maintain their independence in their home. Sales advisors assist them with a simulation of their bathroom installation: WC suites, washbasins, mirrors and accessories. The brand has also designed two specific product lines for the senior citizen market. The first, Comfort & Safety, includes attractive products that make life easier for the elderly. The second, Assisted Living, is designed for people with limited mobility and is both practical and functional.

Products and services for senior citizens in Building Distribution catalogs

CEDEO’s Facility catalogue (in French only) takes a wider view of the issues senior citizens face as they gradually lose mobility. Facility includes a range of products for everyone at each stage in life, with simple solutions and clever products so that the bathroom continues to be a place of day-to-day well-being. The catalog also contains a chapter on Standards and Aids together with attractive diagrams listing the most frequently requested sizes.

In the United Kingdom, Graham has included in its bathroom brochure a section specifically for the senior citizen market. The products included in this range meet senior citizens’ needs by adapting to all types of budgets and space available in the home. The brand’s product range includes grab rails, shower seats, wall-mounted WC suites and even walk-in showers.