Vita Confort by Lapeyre

Lapeyre has introduced Vita Confort, a specialist brand to promote habitat accessibility for all (family, senior citzens, disabled, helpers, etc.). The first store was opened in Paris (France).
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A responsible and collaborative brand
Unique products and services for all generations
The Vita Confort concept is based on a triple approach: reception combining information and advice; offer covering innovative solutions with a strong design component for bathrooms, kitchens and passageways, together with an extensive range of products and services to facilitate day-to-day life; and sharing based on a specialist bookshop and a cooperative “workshop” area.

By listening to the needs of senior citizens, helpers, people with mobility issues or the sight and hearing impaired, Vita Confort provides personalized reception with its trained teams, differentiating solutions and products, and tailored services and tools providing completely transparent visibility.

Personalized reception by trained teams open to everyone's needs

Vita Confort consultants are familiar with the needs of senior citizens, the disabled and their helpers, and have been trained in the basics of occupational therapy and can even recommend a partner occupational therapist when required for the project.

They have Silverbat level training provided by Handibat Développement (CAPEB* brand), which recognizes professionals’ skills in the area of accessibility work and fitouts, thereby ensuring a high quality end result. Finally, they have also completed training for Choisir en Confiance (Choose in Confidence) certification, which guarantees ethical sales. As a result, the consultants have solid knowledge of the relevant needs and solutions, and can even arrange for a home visit on request to help with the design of any mobility access layout project.

A range of solutions to improve mobility access 

The design and purpose of the products sold by Vita Confort meet a triple requirement: user benefits, aesthetics and price. They are developed by Lapeyre in partnership with experts (such as the D.School of the Paris School of Engineering Ecole des Ponts), and manufactured in Lapeyre’s plants. They can also be designed by partners under a collaborative arrangement.

Vita Confort therefore has access to a unique product offer covering:

  • numerous layout solutions to design or adapt bathrooms and/or kitchens ensuring their long-term comfort and safety (units, showers, WCs, tapware, etc.)
  • a selection of technical aids, available from self-service displays, to make everyday life easier. Practical and smart, they are designed to make getting in and around the home easier (light pathways, access ramps, etc.), to make the home more secure and aid control (digital door viewers, lighting management, presence simulators, etc.), and to improve comfort (bed/armchair lift, reading accessories, walking sticks, pill organizers, etc.).

Tailored services

To enable everyone to design a home that combines well-being, security and mobility access whatever the residents’ ages, Vita Confort by Lapeyre provides a complete range of specific services:

  • a single call number to arrange for an in-store or home consultation 
  • a single contact person who oversees the project from the initial contact all the way to completion
  • referral to an occupational therapist to work on the layout project when necessary
  • full access to information in the bookshop space, free workshops and publications from institutional partners (French agency for housing improvement, Retirement funds, etc.),
  • home installation by professional partners with Silverbat certification issued by Handibat
  • a central forum for collecting and sharing information.

Educational and entertaining tools

Vita Confort has created entertaining tools to provide completely transparent visibility and easily find the solutions available. They include:

  • a “large format” catalogue complying with legibility rules and co-written with an expert occupational therapist. It includes all the products available divided into six main sections based on habitat fitout and comfort requirements: “My bathroom,” “My toilets,” “My kitchen,” “My movement,” “Security and home automation” and “My everyday aids.” A practical advice section is also included with a glossary of the habitat aids available. More than a catalogue, it is a source of advice and solutions for designing habitat with complete peace of mind.

  • a website accessible to disabled people using the Internet in accordance with France’s RGAA** standard. Vita Confort is a fully screen-reader-enabled website for people who navigate using their keypad. It also uses the Facility system that takes account of more than 15 conditions to improve navigation comfort (Parkinson’s, ARMD, etc.). It has three sections devoted to service and support: “Handy advice” lists best practices and tips, occupational therapists’ advice, information, etc.; “My store” provides an overview of the stores, and event and workshop dates; “At your service” presents the brand, details the services it provides and links to brand partner institutions or associations, etc. The site also allows users to consult, download or order the free Vita Confort catalogue to find out more about the products available. Users can also contact the brand, request a telephone, in-store or home consultation, including for the deaf or hearing-impaired as the site uses sign language interpreter or instant screen-reader systems. It is also accessible on all devices: smartphones, tablets or computers.

Friendly and comfortable store

Fully accessible, the sales outlet is equipped with systems to enable access to everyone.

Right from the entrance, the automatic doors are equipped with an audible guiding system to aid the blind and vision-impaired.

The reception and consulting desks are equipped with an induction loop system for hearing aids that amplifies the sound and protects against interference, and simultaneous signing and subtitling to facilitate discussion.

The sales outlet has a product showroom with bathroom and kitchen displays designed to meet everyone’s needs with modern and non-stigmatizing products. It also has various “product areas” with self-serve displays for products that contribute to improving comfort and getting around in the home, and a corner specifically for home automation products displaying a comprehensive range of solutions to ensure home security and automated control.

The Vita Confort sales outlet is involved in the life of the neighborhood and has a specialized bookshop where visitors can get detailed information about aging and disability-related problems, and a “workshop” space where residents and associations can meet for discussions.

This space will be open for meetings, conferences and discussion groups to share solutions to adapt a home for an older or disabled person. These events will also be an opportunity to co-develop products and services with stakeholders in the silver economy.

Discover Vita Confort store (in French only, source: France 2 – start at 55 secondes).

*CAPEB (French association of small building contractors and trade professionals) is the professional organization that represents small building contractors in France.

**Web accessibility guidelines for public services