Energy Efficiency Consulting

To promote energy efficiency and new energies, the various Building Distribution brands have introduced innovative concepts such as Energy Efficiency Counters, Klimacenters and even the Greenworks Academy.

A concept in service of the environment 

Numerous Group brands offer services and advice on new European Directives, and economic and energy regulations. Here are just few examples.

POINT.P Energy Efficiency Counters 

“An Energy Efficiency Counter is a sales desk with a specific area reserved for our customers where we can guide them through the intricacies of new thermal regulations.” 

Christian JARZAGUET 
Outlet Manager - Reims la Pompelle (France)

To help customers grapple with the new 2012 Thermal Regulations applicable to new construction and renovation projects, POINT.P Matériaux de Construction has introduced nearly 120 Expert Energy Efficiency outlets across its network. In addition to specially trained salespeople, the Expert Energy Efficiency outlets provide their customers with Energy Efficiency Counters, an unprecedented simulator in France that can assess the energy efficiency of their future project.


CEDEO launches “RGE Service Pro”

This service is designed for all the brand’s customers seeking to work towards France’s RGE (recognized environmental protector) certification, guaranteeing that the brand has the skills to perform energy improvement work. CEDEO has set up a dedicated call number where professionals can get information and details about training tailored to the needs of their particular field provided by qualified organizations. 

Jewson rolls out unprecedented approach 

In the United Kingdom, Jewson has worked on implementing an unprecedented green energy supply project with its specialist waste management partner Biffa, and Saint-Gobain Building Products’ UK subsidiaries. Jewson aims to achieve zero waste landfilled. Under the project, Biffa converts Jewson’s waste into energy in the form of WDF (waste-derived fuel) used to generate electricity that is then supplied to Saint-Gobain’s plants.

Greenworks Training Academy 

In the United Kingdom, several brands joined forces to create a unique energy performance center. 

To guide and assist customers with green building questions in the United Kingdom, Building Distribution brands Jewson, Graham, Gibbs & Dandy and Minster joined forces to create the Greenworks Training Academy, which provides advanced training in high-energy-performance products.

In four years, the Greenworks Training Academy has delivered almost 83,000 hours of training to 13,000 employees, customers and suppliers. Using this model as a basis, Raab Karcher opened its own Greenworks Academy in Breda (Netherlands). 

Klimacenter showrooms

In Northern Europe, Dahl developed unique energy performance spaces based on its Klimacenter concept. Klimacenters are used as showrooms, training centers and centers of expertise for renewable energy and ventilation. 

At Klimacenters, professional installers and homeowners can explore a wide range of environmentally friendly solutions presented in demonstration displays. They also have access to the advice and training provided by Dahl experts in this area.