Food and beverage

Under the Verallia brand, the Packaging Sector, designs and manufactures glass bottles and jars for the food and beverage industry.

Verallia, glass DNA

Under the Verallia brand, the Packaging Sector works with its customers to provide them with differentiating glass packaging solutions enabling them to constantly improve the promotion of their products. Backed by centuries of glassmaking expertise, Verallia continuously innovates in the areas of both its products and services to ensure it is the reference partner for food and beverage brands. 

A responsible company 

Backed by a material that has unparalleled virtues and the values expressed in Saint-Gobain’s Principles of Conduct and Action, Verallia is a responsible company focused on optimizing the value chain for its customers, contributing to the economic and social development of communities, and improving the well-being of end consumers.

Continuously honed expertise 

Verallia constantly seeks to hone its world-class technological expertise and key skills, mainly through its 8 technical and innovation centers located around the world. 

Work on improving the functions of glass packaging and processes is supported by sustained research and development, often performed in partnership with the teams at R&D institutes that are independent from Saint-Gobain’s glassmaking research division. By the end of 2013, Verallia had built up a portfolio of more than 300 patents in this way.

In terms of innovation, Verallia also works on improving its industrial processes, with a particular emphasis on glass fusion and forming, as well as implementing an active product differentiation and service innovation policy.

Creativity and performance  

Verallia works with its customers on new markets to develop bottles and jars in ever more unprecedented shapes and incorporating increasingly innovative decoration. Attentive to providing differentiating products, the Sector’s teams create highly attractive glass packaging bringing into play a host of sizes, colors and shapes. 

Rewarding creativity   

To encourage the emergence of new concepts, Verallia has established a creation competition for design and packaging students. A “creativity laboratory” that invites students to explore the creative, technical and marketing potential of glass, this competition was first launched in France in 2009 before being gradually extended to other countries, such as, Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Argentina.  

Technology serving customers 

Verallia creates innovative services in particular by harnessing new technology.

The Virtual Glass app launched in Spain and since rolled out to all Verallia’s countries is a simulation tool for Verallia’s customers. It enables them to visualize the bottle of their choice with its label and closure, full or empty, and to compare it with other bottles. Running on either a tablet or smartphone, the app can also be used to display bottles in augmented reality.

All-important cooperation 

Flexible and innovative, Verallia cooperates closely with its customers to design and co-develop specific products. It has 13 design and creation laboratories around the world. They transform innovative ideas into easily industrialized glass products.

EcoVa, the premium eco-value bottle

Combined under the EcoVa name, these eco-value ranges with their reduced ecological footprint and enhanced product image, now account for the bulk of containers in some market segments in certain countries, especially for those customers whose business is highly export-oriented.  

Infinitely recyclable glass

Attentive to end-consumers’ well-being, Verallia is able to rely on a material with unparalleled virtues: made from natural raw materials, glass is 100% and infinitely recyclable, and its inertia and neutrality make it an ideal packaging material for protecting consumer health and well-being.  

An environmental approach 

Verallia actively supports glass promotion campaigns run by all the world’s leading glassmaking professional associations, both national and pan-national, in particular the “Friends of Glass” campaign introduced by the European Glass Container Federation (FEVE). Verallia also implements its own initiatives to improve the environmental performance of its plants based around four approaches: 

  • Increase the use of recycled glass to replace virgin raw materials, which also helps reduce energy consumption and so CO2 emissions,
  • Reduce CO2 emissions, 
  • Improve the energy efficiency of its processes, 
  • Minimize the use of water resources.

Selective line 

SELECTIVE LINE came about as a result of Verallia’s commitment to meeting the expectations of premium international water, spirits and wine brands by offering them a superior packaging solution.

Driven by the constant quest for quality and innovation, SELECTIVE LINE enables its customers to capitalize on Verallia’s unique industrial capabilities and its comprehensive expertise in glassmaking and finishing techniques from around the world.

From design to delivery, this line provides its customers with the possibility of manufacturing small or large series of bottles with custom-designed shapes and innovative decoration, or of selecting one of the models already developed for this original collection.

Aim: create superlative containers to match the breakaway aspirations of premium fillers.