Management, Legal, Administration, Safety, and all the other support functions are active throughout the Saint-Gobain Group. These departments are there to make life easier for our internal customers – namely, our employees.

You can play your part too - help us decarbonise the world by taking advantage of the great career opportunities waiting for you in Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) and Sustainability!

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With their experts in law, organization, administrative assistance, sustainability and safety, they aid and support the other departments with their day-to-day responsibilities. 

In this way, the thousands of employees working for these departments help us succeed and develop our innovations and major achievements. Thanks to them, new, increasingly ambitious projects are undertaken and supported every day around the world.

As a Branch Administrative Assistant, you’ll report to the administrative manager and will be responsible for the administrative management and operation of the entire department, while also liaising between the customers, partners, and distribution brand. 

Your day-to-day responsibilities

Managing cases and performing administrative follow-up.

Opening and managing the branch’s cases, from quote to closeout. Receiving and processing customer and partner requests. Planning the various stages of the project, and performing the associated administrative tasks.

Handling administrative follow-up and management of the branch’s partners, as well as the department’s balance sheet and financial flows. 

Your tools

You know how to use Microsoft Office and already have experience in internal control and planning. You are fairly familiar with using SAP management software. 

Your profile and soft skills

You have an appetite for sales and an attention to detail, and have a background in distribution. 

Your professional expertise

You have prior experience in office administration. 

As Legal Counsel, you’ll draft contracts (service agreements, raw material or transport purchase agreements, commercial contracts, etc.) based on the operational needs of the company.

Your day-to-day responsibilities

Contracts and legal reasoning.

You’ll draft and update boilerplate contracts, negotiate one-off agreements, and monitor intra-group general assistance contracts. 

You’ll also handle disputes with suppliers before and during litigation.

Your tools

The law. You’ll use it to satisfy your internal customers: purchasers, sales reps, marketing teams, production sites, etc.

Your profile and soft skills

You are disciplined and precise in your legal reasoning, and your good interpersonal skills allow you work with all types of people in the Group. Your business-oriented outlook gives direction to your work. 

Your professional expertise

You have a master’s degree in business law, you speak English fluently, and you have prior experience as legal counsel in a manufacturing or distribution sector. 

As an Administrative Manager, you’ll provide reliable, reassuring support to the entity you're assigned to. This might be an industrial site or a distribution brand, or even a team at one of our headquarters.

Your day-to-day responsibilities

Making everyone’s job easier!

You’ll prepare materials for legal cases. You’ll follow Quality/Safety/Environment instructions. You’ll monitor provisions, inventories, physical markdowns, customers, etc.

You’ll also handle supply orders, oversee supplier billing, monitor suppliers, and issue reminders to them.

Lastly, you’ll maintain and control company funds, overseeing procedures, float money, bank deposits, and check cashing.

Your tools

The procedures and systems you’re responsible for. You’ll need to monitor margins and inventories. Our in-house software will help you do your job (e.g., by issuing reminders for outstanding payments). 

Your profile and soft skills

Your salesmanship, people skills, sense of customer service, and enthusiasm, combined with a strong team spirit, are your primary assets for achieving your objectives and advancing within the Group. 

Your professional expertise

You are highly disciplined, and a model employee when it comes to meeting deadlines. You have training in internal control procedures, as well as prior experience in an administrative position.


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