SWISSPACER Ultimate for unparalleled thermal performance

SWISSPACER Ultimate, the latest generation of warm-edge spacer bars for insulated glazing, contributes to incomparable energy-efficiency results.

Technology serving thermal insulation 

What is a SWISSPACER warm-edge spacer bar? 

The thermal performance of double- or triple-glazing is the result of smart technology. With just one single parameter change, the unit’s effectiveness is improved. By creating SWISSPACER, Glassolutions wanted to add a string to its glassmaker’s bow and master the warm-edge spacer bar technology used to prevent thermal bridges.

Designed to replace metal bars and made of glass fiber insulating materials, SWISSPACER spacer bars restrict the energy exchange that occurs around the perimeter of double-glazing, and in so doing boosts the energy efficiency of windows and facades.

BATIMAT award for SWISSPACER Ultimate  

Providing real value added to a facade or window, SWISSPACER Ultimate delivers the best energy performances on the market.

In 2013, SWISSPACER released Ultimate, its latest generation of warm-edge spacer bars. This innovative solution uses a sealed multi-layer composite foil that seals in the rare gases used in double-glazing and also prevents the entry of humidity, which otherwise undermines the overall performance of the glazing unit.

This significant innovation has already been verified by independent certification authorities as giving the best performance on the market, and received a BATIMAT Award in November 2013.

The only warm-edge spacer bar with Class A energy efficiency rating, SWISSPACER Ultimate is also the first to be certified by Germany’s Passive House Institute.

Increasingly eco-efficient solutions 

“In barely 15 years, the SWISSPACER brand has become synonymous with high quality, innovation, precision and reliability. And that’s because insulated glazing using our spacer bars delivers the best energy-savings and added-value results for window manufacturers and end-users alike.”

Andreas Geith, General Manager SWISSPACER

SWISSPACER is renowned for the excellent technical and aesthetic properties of its products developed in Switzerland. The SWISSPACER range of insulated-glazing spacer bars is a guarantee of energy savings both for heating and air conditioning. As a responsible company, SWISSPACER is helping to protect our environment.