Telhanorte Já, welcome to downtown


Subsequent to its repositioning, the Telhanorte brand in Brazil is opening local points of sale to win over urban customers.

Telhanorte Já, welcome to downtown

In Brazil, Telhanorte's transformation brings a new lease of life to the company, which specializes in the distribution of interior design products and services. New ways of working, new company headquarters, a culture of diversity and innovation: all these changes have led to a new brand positioning and the creation of innovative services for all its customers. Ever closer to their needs and consumption habits, the brand opened its first local store in São Paulo: "Telhanorte já". With its 300 m² and 2,700 references, it is located in a very dense residential area, and has a small stock replenished daily for the best-selling items.

Some examples of high value-added services for urban, demanding and connected customers: an omnichannel customer experience with delivery on D+1 (including before 4pm on the same day if products are available in stock with up to 20Kg), payment via mobile phone or WhatsApp in addition to traditional point-of-sale checkouts, and access to an intermediation service between individuals and professionals called GetNinjas, among many digital services offered. The opening of three new compact "Telhanorte já" sales outlets is planned for the end of the year, and four in 2020.

Look at Telhanorte's ads: "Bora Fazer" ("Let's do it" in English).