Saint-Gobain has some real strengths, including robust markets, strong industrial capabilities and capacity for innovation, a portfolio of solutions tailored to market trends and developments and, above all, the expertise and commitment of employees around the world.

How can we take full advantage of these assets to improve our competitiveness and unleash growth? That is the challenge we face and the purpose of this transformation plan.

The plan is built on two pillars:

- Agile management of our portfolio of products and solutions to create value.

- A new market-oriented organization that puts us closer to our customers and is simpler and more agile, incorporating digital solutions at every level.

This organization is based on two principles:

- For local businesses, which mainly involve construction businesses (Gypsum, Insulation, Mortars, Exterior Products, Building Glass, Distribution of construction products, etc.), we are pursuing a country-oriented approach, coordinated by four operational Regions.

- For global businesses (Automotive Glass and High-Performance Materials), we are adopting a global organization under High Performance Solutions (HPS).

This will bring immediate benefits to our customers through a broader, more integrated offering. For employees, it will also mean shorter, more efficient decision-making channels that are clearer and promote greater responsibility. 

The transformation plan should also improve profitability by one point by 2021 including €250 million of additional savings per year.

Responsibility for the implementation of this plan will be entrusted to Benoit Bazin, whom the Board of Directors has appointed, on the proposal of Pierre-André de Chalendar, Chief Operating Officer.

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Une nouvelle organisation plus proche des clients et une revue du portefeuille d’activité, la marge opérationnelle va s’améliorer dès cette année.

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