ULTIBAT® Green: low-carbon concrete


In France, the building materials distribution brand POINT.P has launched a ready-mix concrete that reduces the carbon footprint of final structures by up to 35%.

ULTIBAT® Green: low-carbon concrete

In France, the future environmental regulations scheduled to come into force in 2020, replacing the RT 2012 thermal regulation, will require improved energy and environmental performance for new buildings. Greenhouse gas emissions will have to be predicted and assessed more precisely using a life-cycle analysis of each future building. In response, POINT.P – a Saint-Gobain distribution brand specializing in construction materials and building products – is launching ULTIBAT® Green, an innovative ready-mix concrete solution under the brand’s name. 

 This new range covers three products with different characteristics and environmental performance levels, which can be combined for the same project according to the customer’s needs: 

  •  Ultibat Green Basic: carbon emissions 10% lower than standard concrete
  •  Ultibat Green Medium: emissions 20% lower than standard concrete
  •  Ultibat Green Premium: emissions 35% lower than standard concrete.

 The Bilan Carbone® (carbon assessment) of this concrete is conducted by POINT.P using a configurator adapted for the purpose and which produces an Environmental and Health Declaration Report for the relevant structure. With the launch of these new products, the brand is demonstrating its capacity for innovation and its strong commitment to environmental protection.