V.I.E., immediate boarding for your career abroad!

The V.I.E. program allows young citizens of the E.U. countries (28 countries), aged 18 to 28, to be sent abroad on a professional mission of 6 to 24 months, aged between 18 and 28. For Saint-Gobain, it is a Junior Mobility program that allows us to detect young talents.

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MEET Maylis

Maylis, Trade Shows & Events Adminstrator (V.I.E) in the US & V.I.E blogger

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We met Maylis at our headquarters in Malvern, USA.

Maylis started her V.I.E at Saint-Gobain in the spring of 2020, in the middle of the Covid crisis. In the events communication department, the agendas were quickly modified. Maylis then decided to use the free time she had during the confinement and in the evening thanks to her home-office to create her blog dedicated to V.I.E.

She tells us her story at Saint-Gobain.

How long have you been a V.I.E. student at Saint-Gobain? What are your missions?

I have been on V.I.E. since February 2020 and my missions consisted of organizing Saint-Gobain's presence at trade shows throughout the United States and Canada which, with Covid, quickly came to a halt. I had to adapt by organizing virtual trade shows and helping the teams on other marketing projects as needed. Despite this, we are still working on preparing for future events and hope to be able to go there.

To which Saint-Gobain brand and team are you part?

I am based in Saint-Gobain Malvern, which is the Group's headquarters in the United States, and I work in the marketing department for the CertainTeed brand.

Was it difficult for you to adapt your missions with the arrival of Covid?

Having to slightly modify my missions is an experience for me because going digital means training for another job. I really appreciate it but I miss the trade shows and the face-to-face events. The experience remains positive because I learned new things.

Precisely, to arrive at this V.I.E, what training did you follow before?

I have a BTS in communication, a professional degree in event management - Commercial Management of Events - with a one-year work-study program with a Parisian organizer of trade shows and seminars as a sales representative. Then, I did a 2-year Master's degree in Event Engineering and Management, again in a work-study program, but this time in a large banking group as an internal event communication manager.

So you could have taken a permanent contract at the end of your work-study program. What made you decide to continue with a V.I.E. experience?

I wanted to go abroad to add an international background to my experience. I also didn't necessarily see myself in a permanent contract, I thought I was too young and didn't necessarily find the job offers I saw adapted to my profile. I could not find anything that met my criteria.

And you were already fluent in English?

Yes, but rather in my personal hobbies (movies, series, books, ...) and my travels, but not at all in a professional way.

Can you tell us about the VIE at Saint-Gobain? How did you find it?

I found it on the Saint-Gobain career site. I saw it in July during one of my lunch breaks at work and I wanted to apply the next night but I couldn't find it anymore. I thought to myself, that's it, they found someone, too late. It was a dream job for me. I was so disappointed.

And I saw it reappear on September 2, the day of my birthday. So I quickly applied and a fortnight later, the US called me for an interview. First I had an interview with the HR director, then an interview with my current director, and finally everything went smoothly with HR France. But apparently, I had the process backwards because normally at Saint-Gobain, it is first the interview with France and then with the country of the V.I.E.


Before our interview, you told me that you used the free time you had during confinement and in the evenings thanks to your home-office to create a blog dedicated to V.I.E. Can you tell us more about it? How did you get the idea for the blog? What do you talk about and why?

This goes back to my search for a V.I.E. When I was looking for information, I didn't find much except for institutional information from Business France. I found a few testimonials, but I lacked some substance and especially information on how to search.

Since it took me more than nine months to find my V.I.E., I had time to explore many leads that I compiled in order to help others. And at the very beginning of the confinement, when all the event activity stopped all of a sudden, I needed to think about something else and I naturally started writing, and my little notes became articles, and my blog was quickly born. I write about my research and give advice, my experience as a V.I.E. in the United States, but also my daily life experience as a student abroad.

In parallel, I propose a free downloadable ebook with lots of tips and examples of companies regularly offering V.I.E.

Zoom on her tips for finding a V.I.E. efficiently

logo Travel with Maylis

Maylis used the free time she had during confinement and in the evenings thanks to home-office to create her blog dedicated to V.I.E : www.travelwithmaylis.com.

On her blog, she not only gives advice on how to find a V.I.E. but also relates her experience as a V.I.E. in the United States at Saint-Gobain.

She has also created an ebook in which she gives examples of companies that regularly offer V.I.E.