Born on 15 May 1998 (25 years old) in Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône, 13)


Skateboard (Skate park)
Training centre : Bowl du Prado in Marseille


  • 2023 : 3rd place at the Copenhagen Open – Bowl / Pool (Denmark)
  • 2022 : 3rd place at the Tampa Pro (Florida)
  • 2021 : 7th place in the finals at the Tokyo Olympic Games in the park even

Vincent Matheron learned to skateboard at a very early age. Since then, this sport has taken him across the world to meet the legends of the discipline. Today he is one of the world’s best skaters.

Born in Marseille, Vincent Matheron first took to skateboarding at the Bowl du Prado at four years old. At this legendary spot, which has seen the world’s greatest names in skateboarding, he began to excel in competitions from the age of 14.

When he joined the international skateboarding elite, one of his dreams come true: living in the United States. At age 21, he moved to California. By rubbing shoulders with American skaters such as Tony Hawk, with whom he collaborated, he discovered a new culture and a new way to skate.

The young Marseille native also took part in the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games, the first-ever Olympics to include skateboarding. He became captain of the French Team in the discipline. Vincent placed 7th at the final and immediately began to aim for Paris 2024.

I always say that in skateboarding, the more you travel, the further you go. And I love to stay on the
move, discovering new spots, trying out new ways to ride, and learning new tricks with people who skate for pleasure more than for competition. Opening new horizons is a way to enrich my creativity, which will make a difference at the official sports events. When it comes to the Olympics, I definitely aim for performance!

Follow Vincent’s journey to Paris 2024