Weber recognized for eco-design


The weber.therm circle external thermal insulation composite system has been awarded Germany’s Blue Angel certification. This ecolabel is important for sustainable construction.

Weber recognized for eco-design

A German Federal Government certification, Blue Angel has honored eco-designed products for more than forty years. This certification, whose award criteria evolve over the years to reflect technological progress, is a real driver of innovation for companies.

weber.therm circle is the third Saint-Gobain Weber solution to obtain this label. This innovative Exterior Thermal Insulation Composite System (or ETICS) offers all the advantages of a thick-film system that is entirely mineral and biocide-free.

But the unique feature of weber.therm circle is that all its components (insulating material, dowels, fabric, different layers of plaster) can be separated and recycled after dismantling. This solution thus marks an important step towards more sustainable construction.

This innovation has also been recognized by two other awards, the German Federal Ecodesign Award and the Architects’ Darling Gold Award.