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Inter-profession and inter-brand mobilities promote access to positions of high responsibility and provide real added value to our employees.

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75% of employees feel they have opportunities for training and development within the Group.

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At Saint-Gobain, 3 out of 4 people work outside of France.

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Over 300 brands and as many worlds to explore.

South Africa

"Having just joined Saint-Gobain as HR Manager for South Africa, I had the opportunity to move with my husband and children after being offered a position at the head office in Paris! I spent a total of 3 years there, looking after international mobility. Working with people from other cultures was a wonderful and challenging experience.

Even today, back in South Africa, I continue to work with people from very different backgrounds. That's what I like about Saint-Gobain: even after 300 years, the Group manages to expand into new countries while preserving its human values."


"At the end of my studies, I was taken on as an intern in Brazil at Saint-Gobain Sekurit, a brand specialized in the manufacture of automotive glazing. I stayed there for 5 years! First as a maintenance engineer, then as maintenance manager. After that, I was promoted to team manager. These early positions gave me the experience I needed to become the plant manager I am today, and I have many fond memories of them. As someone who loves to move, I can say that I was well served at Saint-Gobain!

Hardly 2 years went by without me changing jobs, functions or markets, and I even had the opportunity to work for countries neighboring Brazil. Beyond the technical skills I've been able to acquire, it's above all as a human being that I've grown, working with my colleagues and striving to be the best manager I can be."


"The diversity of cultures at Saint-Gobain never ceases to amaze me! I started my career with the Group as an industrial sales engineer. Then I had the opportunity to move into the glass industry. Throughout my career, the teams I've worked with have always been there to support me and help me develop in my work. Today, I'm in charge of industrial projects for glass in Egypt, a job I'm passionate about and for which I'm grateful.

What particularly stimulates me in this job is being able to work with colleagues in India, or in the Middle East, and to appreciate their different ways of seeing the world while sharing the same framework, the same values and sometimes even the same jokes!"


"After a two-year work-study program with Saint-Gobain Isover in Spain, I made a definitive return to the professional world thanks to a V.I.E. international voluntary assignment opportunity in Mexico! In South America, I studied the environmental impact of the solutions we were selling on a local and regional scale. I was then offered a position at Saint-Gobain Valoref in... France! I didn't speak a word of French, but my team made me feel welcome and my skills improved very quickly.

My greatest pride is to continue to make an impact around the world, like in South Africa where we managed to recycle 100 tons of glass furnace waste this year!"


The percentage of executives who have been on a mobility assignment (sector, geographical or brand) in the last 5 years.


Saint-Gobain University is our entity designed to train our teams. Every month, 135,000 employees - 80% of our Group - undergo training. The courses on offer enable employees to strengthen certain technical skills, but also to work on their soft skills. Our aim? To give everyone the opportunity to develop both professionally and personally.


    100 000

    Numbers of employees that benefits from at least one training every year thanks to the Saint-Gobain University.

    Through this support, we follow 4 goals:

    • Develop the potential of our team by offering them opportunities to develop their skills at their current position.
    • Train talents for their next position and future career path.
    • Focus on the development of key skills for strategic opportunities at Saint-Gobain, such as data analysis, innovation, durability, growth and inclusion.
    • Develop and grow our TEC culture "Trust, Empowerment and Collaboration » (trust of empowerment and collaboration) and the leadership that supports it.



    Having the best teams by developping their leadership and managerial skills.

    • Personal development through individual coaching sessions
    • 360° assessment to boost potential
    • Training to promote a culture of mutual support and collective intelligence



    Accelerating the shift to a digital culture

    • Raising awareness of the importance of data science for Saint-Gobain
    • Training to develop skills and be able to lead a Data & Analytics project (Machine Learning and Python, Power BI, statistics, data visualization)



    Encouraging exchanges and communication between countries

    • Consolidation of its network
    • Spreading of Saint-Gobain working methods, tools, and best practices to strengthen team cohesion