CSR indicators and significant events

Neutralité carbone


This is the reduction at the end of 2022 in our CO2 emissions (Scope 1 and 2) compared to 2017. We are on track to reach – and even exceed – the -33% objective set for 2030. Saint-Gobain has made a commitment to contribute to carbon neutrality by 2050 (intermediate objective 2030: 33%).

économie circulaire

9.4 million

This is the amount of tonnes of virgin raw materials avoided by the Saint-Gobain Group in 2022. Saint-Gobain's actions in favor of the circular economy made it possible to avoid the removal of 9.4 million tonnes of virgin raw materials.

éviter l'émission d'environ 1 300 millions de tonnes de CO2

About 75%

In 2020 Saint-Gobain generated nearly 75% of its turnover with sustainable solutions. The solutions sold in 2020 make it possible to avoid the emission of around 1,300 million tonnes of CO2 over their lifetime.

CARE by Saint-Gobain


This is the percentage of employees covered in 2022 by “CARE by Saint-Gobain”, a social protection program, for all Group employees around the world and their families.

Bloomberg GenderEquality Index


This is the number of consecutive years in which Saint-Gobain appears in the Bloomberg GenderEquality Index, which measures the performance of companies in terms of gender equality.

Bloomberg GenderEquality Index

Climate Change List

List A

This is the ranking in the famous Climate Change List of the Saint-Gobain Group, which has once again been recognized for its commitment to the fight against climate change by CDP.