Corporate responsibility

At Saint-Gobain, we are committed to ensuring that our activities, our employees and our partners are jointly involved in building a more sustainable and inclusive world.

Entreprise responsable

At Saint-Gobain, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is at the heart of our value creation model.
Committed to our values, embodied in the Principles of Conduct and Action, we maintain the highest standards of CSR. We constantly reinforce our requirements in terms of business ethics, the environment, health and safety.
We also promote diversity and support the training of our teams, with the aim of creating the conditions for their involvement in all aspects of the company's life.


Our Responsibility

Our group is committed to contributing to the common good by limiting the negative impacts of our activities and by creating local value shared with each of our partners.

Nos piliers engagement

Our Pillars

Our commitment, supported by the 6 pillars that underpin all our practices, is to make the Saint-Gobain group a company that changes along with the world.

centre de ressources

Resource Center

Saint-Gobain employees are the first ambassadors of the Group' values and know-how.

We see this integration of CSR at the heart of our strategy as a continuous improvement process:

  • 2003: 
    - signature by Saint-Gobain of the United Nations Global Compact, 
    - adoption of the Principles of Conduct and Action; 
  • 2009: formalization of the compliance program; 
  • 2015: setting of ambitious 2025 environmental targets (20% reduction in CO2 emissions, 80% reduction in water discharges, 50% reduction in unrecycled waste); 
  • 2020: developing the roadmap to carbon neutrality by 2050 and formalizing new environmental targets for 2030. 

At Saint-Gobain, we perceive CSR as a genuine performance lever.
We have long been building our credibility in the fight against climate change, both through the impact of our solutions on reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the construction, mobility and industrial sectors, and through our action to reduce emissions from our industrial processes. We see the other dimensions of our social responsibility as a source of sustainability for our growth model over the long term, of attractiveness for talent and candidates for recruitment and of support for the Saint-Gobain brand.

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