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Welcome to the page dedicated to those starting their career journey. We would like to support you in your professional introduction. The health crisis and its consequences on the job market make it more difficult for you to find a job today. It is even more important for us to help you in these difficult days.

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Work-study Campaign
Looking for a work-study contract?
Saint-Gobain recruits more than 570 work-study students in many different sectors.
Match Football Cup 2021
The Saint-Gobain Football Cup is THE soccer competition for Business Schools and Engineering Schools.
This event brings together more than 3,000 students every year, and is the 3rd largest student event in France. It embodies strong values for the Saint-Gobain Group: solidarity, respect, youth development, diversity, commitment.

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Each year, the Multi Comfort Student Contest invites architecture and engineering students to undertake a development project while respecting the vision for an innovative living space that complies with the most demanding regulations.
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Certification Happy Trainees
The Saint-Gobain Group has been awarded the "Happy Trainees" label for the 6th consecutive year.

At Saint-Gobain, we have a proactive policy. In other words, we want to offer you rewarding assignments, whether you are on an internship, a work-study program or at the beginning of your professional career. The aim is to support you in building your project and your career path.

In addition, we are carrying out a number of initiatives to make you better understand the Group, our mission and our jobs.

> Our mission is to contribute to the world of tomorrow, since our products and services allow us to significantly reduce carbon emissions and greenhouse gases from buildings and have a positive impact on the planet.

> Regarding the discovery of our jobs, we continue to develop actions that allow you to better understand them and thus be able to guide you in your access to employment. Here are some examples:

  • The Saint-Gobain Football Cup, a national event in France. It involves 2,900 students from 60 schools with key meetings throughout the year.
  • A partnership with the National Confederation of Junior-Enterprises, the leading student movement in France, which brings together nearly 1,200 students.
  • Of course, school forums and political actions for people during interns' and alternates' discovery days.
  • Support for people in internships and work-study programs at the end of their studies in the development of their career paths.
  • The same HR actions as for our employees, in particular by giving you access to our internal job site and by organizing "Youth Committees" (review of talent identified in internships and work-study programs to promote your integration within the group).
  • Finally, we also honor your achievements/successes with, for example, the organization, every two years, of the V.I.E. Talent Awards during which your contributions within the Group are highlighted.

Some interesting figures

• Saint-Gobain is one of the 100 most innovative companies in the world for the tenth consecutive year (Top Global Innovators ranking)
• We have been awarded Top Employer Global for the sixth time in a row.
• Our turnover in 2021: 38.1 billion euros.
• Saint-Gobain has over 167,000 employees in 70 countries, including 3,700 researchers.
• We have over 900 production sites.
• More than 400 patents were filed in 2020.
• And last but not least, 1 in 4 products sold by Saint-Gobain did not exist 5 years ago.

Focus on partnerships
International Job Fairs Many partnerships exist between Saint-Gobain and youth associations/schools.

job fair Italy_square

In Italy, for example, Saint-Gobain organized the "International Job Fair” at the Politecnico di Milano. 

During this sort of fair events, the Group have the opportunity to talk about the trainee programs. In addition of the Human Resources team, some Saint-Gobain employees are invited to testimony at our stand to answer questions. It was the case at this italian Job Fair with the participation of Giulia Croci and Dario Tibaldi (photos) who are carrying out a professional experience at the headquarters of Saint-Gobain Sekurit in Germany, through the program VIE. Their experience was definitely a source of inspiration for all the students we met. 

Focus Student Programs
Trainee Programs The Trainee Programs mentor the Group's new talents with the aim of preparing the organization's future leaders.

Trainee Program

The program takes on a different look depending on the location.

For example, in Brazil, the program lasts 18 months and includes more than 250 hours of customized training, such as design thinking, agile methodologies, innovation, career management, and presentation skills, among others. Many trainings and events have already been adapted to the online format to ensure continuity of learning while working remotely. The last recruitment process had over 15,000 applicants. It will be adapted to be fully digital. Technology will improve efficiency and ensure candidate safety.

Such programs, which vary in organization and name, exist in several countries where Saint-Gobain operates: Thailand, Mexico, Poland (Program Praktyk i Staży), India with a focus on engineering and management students, or you can also find them in Germany and Austria where there are the "Global-Player", "Trainee for Production & Technology" as well as "Trainee Purchasing" programs; and of course in North America too with the local leadership program named Essentials of Manufacturing (EoM) where we hire 15 new engineers every year and put them in a rotational program in the US.

Junior Mobility program V.I.E – European Citizens

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The V.I.E. program allows citizens of the E.U. countries (28 countries), aged 18 to 28, to be sent abroad on a professional mission of 6 to 24 months, aged between 18 and 28. For Saint-Gobain, it is a Junior Mobility program that allows us to detect new talents.

To learn more about the V.I.E. principle, click here.

The Group offers a wide range of professional assignments in support functions (Finance, Purchasing, HR) as well as at the operational level (sales development, Marketing, logistics, R&D or Production) located in the country teams, in factories or in our research centers.

We recruit our VIEs according to the needs of the countries, missions and the final decision on the candidates is therefore left to the countries. We are happy to have VIEs from several countries in the European area and we are targeting a 20% non-French participation.

As the objective of the V.I.E. is pre-hiring, each V.I.E. benefits from an individualized follow-up from before his departure, then upon his arrival on site, and until the end of his contract.

The contract is punctuated by two key moments: an integration survey after two months on site and a VIE assessment/definition of the professional project 5 months before the end of the mission. This follow-up allows us to identify positions that may correspond to the professional expectations of our V.I.Es.

Each VIE can define a career plan for Saint-Gobain in another job area, in another country (under a local contract) or in another sector than those in which he or she has completed the assignment.

His or her mentor, as well as the Corporate and French HR teams, will support the definition and implementation of this project.

Since 2018, Saint-Gobain has invited its active and recently graduated VIEs to participate in a Saint-Gobain Group VIE Grand Prix.

This is an opportunity for young Talents to present their assignments to the Group's managers and to create important links for their future steps in the Group.

Saint-Gobain participates every year in the V.I.E. Forum organized by Business France.

This is an opportunity for us to meet candidates who are interested in the Group and who have targeted the assignments we offer.

These meetings at our stand allow us to select profiles, sometimes atypical, that can meet the specific needs of our activities around the world.


Business France is the national agency for the internationalization of the French economy, which manages and develops the V.I.E. program (Volontariat International en Entreprise) under the supervision of the Ministry of Foreign Trade.


Maylis, Trade Shows & Events Adminstrator (V.I.E) in the US and V.I.E Blogger

Maylis, Trade Shows & Events Adminstrator (V.I.E) in the US and V.I.E Blogger

We met Maylis, in our headquarters in Malvern, USA. Maylis started her V.I.E at Saint-Gobain in the spring of 2020 in the middle of the Covid crisis. She tells us her story at Saint-Gobain.

Maylis VIE
I recommend the V.I.E at Saint-Gobain, for the good atmosphere, the team cohesion and overall, the good dynamics that reign in the Group! I am happy with the trust that the Saint-Gobain Group has placed in me.
Trade Shows & Events Adminstrator (V.I.E)


The "Gobinous"

A network dedicated to students on internships or work-study programs at Saint-Gobain, called "Les Gobinous", was created by and for them. Through a dedicated Facebook and Yammer group, newcomers are quickly integrated into the Saint-Gobain family and can help each other or simply organize activities together easily.

Once your internship is over, you have the possibility to stay in this group and thus benefit from a powerful network for the rest of your professional life.