"The nature of the web is its universality. It must be accessible to all people with disabilities", Tim Berners Lee, Director of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium)

Accessibility policy

Digital accessibility involves enabling all Internet users, including seniors and people with disabilities, to use computers and their software, and to consult or create digital resources, on any type of medium.

Compagnie de Saint Gobain undertakes to make its website accessible in accordance with article 47 of the law n° 2005-102 of February 11, 2005.

To this end, we have commissioned a digital accessibility audit of our site in order to identify the points that need to be corrected and optimized in order to improve the experience of people with disabilities. This audit was carried out in September 2020 and modifications are currently being developed. The accessibility statement, taking into account the corrections being made, will be published on this page in july 2021 in our new Website.

The strategy for taking into account accessibility and any future compliance work will also be detailed in a multi-annual plan and annual action plans, which will also be made available on this page.

Partial compliance status


The compliance audit was carried out with the Tanaguru tool, available on the internet. It measures the compliance index of the RGAA regulation in version 3.0. It does not constitute an audit carried out by an approved entity.

The Tanaguru audit shows a compliance rate of 45%.

This first internal audit is part of a global process to ensure compliance with Article 47 of Law No. 2005-102 of February 11, 2005. The latter will be broken down into the multi-year plan, made available subsequently.

Access to the Tanaguru detailed Report

Access to the WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool Report online Test

Access to our accessible publications

This preparation and adaptation work was done by the agency Ipedis, an e-accessibility consulting firm.

Feedback and contact

If you are unable to access content or a service, you can contact the site manager to obtain information about an accessible alternative or request the content in another form.

Contact us by email


This procedure is to be used in the following case.

You have contacted the person responsible for the website to notify them of a lack of accessibility that prevents you from accessing any of the portal content or services, and you have not received a satisfactory response.

Send a letter by post:

Défenseur des droits

Libre réponse (Freepost) 71120

75342 Paris CEDEX 07

Your accessible site with FACIL’iti

What is FACIL’iti?

FACIL’iti is an innovative digital accessibility solution that automatically adapts the content and graphics of the saint-gobain.com website to improve digital accessibility for many types of handicap (visual, motor and cognitive), or simply to facilitate ease of reading.

FACIL’iti makes the display of saint-gobain.com sites more accessible to people who have difficulties in browsing or are seeking greater user-friendliness! Equipping your website or intranet with FACIL’iti allows you to open your organisation, its services and/or its products to a wider target market of Internet users.

Intended for use by those looking for ease of use when browsing the Internet, FACIL’iti offers many features to support several forms of additional visual, motor or cognitive needs.

FACIL’iti: how does it work?

Open the FACILI’iti website by clicking here.

Create your custom profile or choose one from the profiles library.

Once you have chosen a profile or features, they will be applied continuously to all sites that have installed FACIL’iti.

You can then close the FACIL’iti website.

Go back to the saint-gobain.com website

Whenever you return to the saint-gobain.com site, it will then be adapted to your needs.