Accessibility statement 

Saint-Gobain undertakes to make its website accessible in accordance with Article 47 of Law No. 2005-102 of February 11, 2005. 

To this end, it shall implement the strategy and actions detailed in its multi-year plan.

Multi-year digital accessibility scheme 2022-2024 and Yearly action plan 

This declaration of accessibility applies to Saint-Gobain Website. 


Our PDF Accessible documents

These documents are designed to be accessible to the blind and the partially sighted. The PDF files may be read by speech synthesizer.


The Saint-Gobain site is partially compliant with RGAA 4.1 Double-A (AA) level due to the non-conformities and deviations listed below. 

TEST RESULTS 26/10/2022

The compliance audit carried out by Ipedis reveals that the average compliance rate is 62.34 %: 

  • 48 compliant criteria 
  • 29 non-compliant criteria 
  • 29 non-applicable criteria
  • Total number of applicable criteria (cumulative compliant and non-compliant criteria): 77
Accessibility Audit


The contents listed below are not accessible for the following reasons. 


Several elements of non-compliance are described in this document, some of which are recurrent on several pages: 

  • The video does not suggest a textual or audio-descriptive alternative
  • The videos on the 'Solutions Our Approach' and 'The Group' pages can be paused but are automatically triggered when browsing the pages.
  • The image link tag is empty and the screen reader vocalizes it as "empty"
  • Screen reader users are not notified of the select tab and the attribute to indicate the opening and closing of the menu (Search) are missing in the code for the 'Header' and the 'Home' page
  • Screen reader users are not notified when search results have been loaded for the 'Search' and 'Media Releases' pages
  • The focus is not visible on the 'Search' button and some elements on the 'Header', 'Footer', 'Home' and 'FAQ' pages
  • Some information and components cannot be reached by tabbing via the keyboard. Example: The tabs on the "Magazine" page, the video on the "The Group Our Purpose" page
  • PDF documents are not accessible in the "Accessibility", "Search", "Finance", "Finance Financial Results", "Media" and "Press Releases" pages
  • Untitled iframes are present in the "Magazine- The Hidden power of Material podcasts" page. The screen reader user does not have information about the nature of the component encapsulated in the iFrame
  • Decorative images are not ignored by the screen reader
  • The contrast of some texts with the background is insufficient.
  • The layout table on the "Finance" page does not have a layout attribute.
  • The 'Learn More' link is not explicit and the user where the link leads on the home page for example
  • An aria-label is present on the <button> tag of the carousel containing the button but the content is in English ("Previous" "Next") whereas we are on the French version of the site.
  • Tags are used for presentation purposes on pages
  • The items on the "Legal Notice", "Accessibility" and "The Group" pages visually represent a list, but are not properly marked as such
  • The attributes used to present the information are present in the source code
  • Text is hidden and becomes unreadable with the "Cookies Settings" button when the screen window is magnified to 200%.
  • Some texts in the "Magazine- The Hidden power of Material podcasts" and "Careers" pages are no longer readable when the text spacing properties are increased.
  • The captions are not relevant. They do not help to fully understand the functionality of the fields on the "Press Releases" page
  • The title of the button is not relevant because it is vocalized in English (apply) whereas the language chosen is French on the "Search" page.
  • The fields on the "Contact" and "Press Releases" page relating to a user's personal information do not have an autocomplete attribute, which would make it easier to fill in information by autocompletion.
  • A skip link is not present on the website pages
  • The tabbing order is not logical, making it difficult for screen reader users to navigate between carousel items on the "Home", "Footer" and "The Group Our Purpose" pages
  • The source code is not always valid.
  • The search engine in the "Header" is not defined with a specific role attribute.


 Derogations for disproportionate loading 

No derogation identified 

Content not subject to the obligation of accessibility

No content not subject to the accessibility obligation



This statement was made on 10/26/2022. 


Technologies used for the creation of the website: 

  • HTML5 
  • CSS 
  • JavaScript 


The tests of the web pages were performed with the following combinations of user agents and screen readers: 

·        NVDA with Chrome

The following tools were used in the evaluation: 


  • Web Developer Toolbar 
  • Focus  
  • Contrast Color checker WCAG 
  • Accessibility insights for web 
  • Axe dev tool 
  • Assisstant RGAA
  • Taba11y
  • Accessible Color Picker
  • Ipedis Audit Tool

Pages of the site having been the subject of the verification of conformity: 



If you are unable to access any content or service, you can contact the website manager to be directed to an accessible alternative or to obtain the content in another form. 

Contact the communications department of Compagnie de Saint-Gobain by email.


This procedure is to be applied in the following case: 

You have reported to the website manager a lack of accessibility that prevents you from accessing any of the content or services of the portal and you have not received a satisfactory response. 

·         Write a message to the Defender of Rights 

·         Contact the Advocate's delegate in your region  

·         Send a mail by post (free of charge, do not put a stamp)  

Défenseur des droits Libre réponse 71120 75342 Paris CEDEX 07 

Accessibility test following the redesign of the website (19/05/2022)

Home Page Test


Source: Google Lighthouse Audit (05/19/2022).

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