Saint-Gobain shares BIM objects

Saint-Gobain's materials and solutions stand out as a result of their technical features and their innovative nature. 

BIM is a fabulous opportunity to share and enhance this know-how, so that everyone can benefit from it. By committing to sharing information, we are therefore ensuring that all of the participants in the construction sector can make better use of our products in the context of their works.

Discover the Saint-Gobain BIM Objects Library

Introducing the BIM objects Library, Saint-Gobain provides BIM files for a vast array of Saint-Gobain products and systems that can be used for construction projects. Saint-Gobain ensures that information included in these objects are reliable and regularly updated. The users of the BIM Library can also access the description, caracteristics and technical documentation of the products and systems. Finally, the BIM Library has been designed as a collaborative tool that suggests relevant contacts who can provide additional information for each brand.

Discover the BIM Library