Grow & Impact

Discover “Grow & Impact”, Saint-Gobain's strategic plan, designed to accelerate the Group's profitable growth.

Grow & Impact
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Saint-Gobain is launching “Grow & Impact”, its new strategic plan designed to accelerate the Group’s profitable growth  The Group is very well positioned on the structural growth markets of light and sustainable construction

Thanks to its comprehensive range of solutions and its performance-driven local operating model, Saint-Gobain should outperform its underlying markets which are accelerating

Saint-Gobain is a key player in the fight against climate change, aiming to maximize the positive impact that the Group brings to its customers while minimizing its own environmental footprint:

  • - Sustainable solutions represent 72% of Group sales
  • - Solutions sold by the Group in one year result in the avoidance of around 1,300 million tons of CO2 emissions over their lifespan

We want to be:

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We aim to pursue our growth trajectory so that we remain a leader in most of our markets. Being a leader implies – through our values, commitments and daily actions – to be a pioneer, drive the transformation of the market, and pave the way for others, by continuously innovating with and for our whole ecosystem. It is also to be the reference for all our stakeholders: employees, customers, end consumers, partners, investors and citizens. ​

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Our value proposition is about offering alternatives to heavy build with construction modes, solutions and services that deliver more sustainability (reduced carbon emissions, lower resource consumption, easy dismantling, better comfort…) and more performance (shorter construction time, financial savings, etc…).​

With this vision, which gives full meaning to our engagement to reach carbon neutrality in 2050, we contribute to the global effort to fight climate change, protect natural resources and provide comfortable and decent housing to all. ​

Saint-Gobain, leader mondial de la construction durable

What if we were to look ahead to 2025!

Notre vision

Saint-Gobain unveils its new vision

Solutions for the industry

Our solution-based approach

Our vision is to be the worldwide leader in light and sustainable construction. In a world moving towards net-zero carbon, Saint-Gobain aims to provide a full range of solutions that address three major issues of our time: drastically reducing the 40% of CO₂ emissions linked to construction, protecting natural resources, and facing the challenge of rapid urbanization in emerging countries. Today we are launching a new strategic plan, “Grow & Impact”, with the ambition to significantly accelerate our profitable growth and the value creation for our shareholders.

The Group will build on the success of its new local organization and its “multi-national” culture driven by performance and by proximity to its customers, in order to benefit fully from strong growth on its underlying markets.