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Keep up to date with the latest news from the Group thanks to the "Letter to Shareholders" available in PDF format.

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This handbook contains the key elements of Saint-Gobain including an overview of the 3 activities, essential information on innovation, a summary of the strategy, a focus on the values and direction members as well as, information on Saint-Gobain share price and the policy towards its shareholders.

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Find below the testimony in video of our shareholders.

Launch of "I PHYZ GOOD" series

Saint-Gobain enthusiastically supports the “I PHYZ GOOD” series, which offers an entertaining look at the science of comfort. The series shows how physics, chemistry and biology combine to explain how we experience our environment and determine what makes the buildings we live in comfortable (or not). The series has been launched on the String Theory* YouTube channel. Each video will be presented by David Louapre, a research scientist in physics at Saint-Gobain. 

*String Theory

(Video available in French only)


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