Understanding and listening to all of our customers, including businesses and consumers, is part of the DNA of our distribution brands.


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The Saint-Gobain Group has a global network of nearly 4,000 generalist and specialist sales outlets devoted to trade customers, private project owners, and small, medium, and large companies. 

The most well-known brands include POINT.P, La Plateforme du Bâtiment, CEDEO ou even Dahl and Optimera. 

Each brand is rooted in its local market, and occupies a position that meets the specific needs of each type of customer and market by leveraging the drive and expertise of its teams, who are responsible for its strength and success.

Our employees, products, services, regional coverage, and logistical organization have made us a major player in the distribution of construction materials, particularly in Europe.

All of these jobs allow us to distribute our products all around the world. They are the pillar of our commercial development, and are central to retaining our portfolio of customers. 

As a Purchaser/Product Manager, you will manage sales and marketing initiatives for a particular market, and will be responsible for achieving growth, profitability, and customer satisfaction objectives

Your day-to-day responsibilities

Managing and developing your product portfolio. 

You’ll help define the sales policy and objectives for your market, select products and suppliers by analyzing competitors and the customer’s needs, then negotiate supplier contracts and set the selling prices.

Your tools

You’ll manage your sales outlets and websites using marketing tools, while also analyzing your market’s performance. 

Your profile and soft skills

Your drive, initiative, and organization allow you to complete your assignments. You are known for your analytical ability, tenacity, and responsiveness. You have good people skills and are a good negotiator.

Your professional expertise

You have a good understanding and interest in sales and building products. You hold a degree in purchasing, marketing, or sales, and have already worked in a similar position, where you have a successful record in cross-functional management.

As an External Sales Representative, you will promote and market our full range of products and systems in your sector to merchants and businesses in order to boost sales. 

Your day-to-day responsibilities

Selling our products to companies and merchants. 

You’ll implement the action plan defined for your sector in the Commercial Performance Agreement (CPA), and will work constantly with the Business Manager. 

You’ll be responsible for marketing products to the Branch Managers for the warehouses in your sector. To accomplish this, you’ll visit the sites to network with associates from the major accounts in your region, notify your managers of any business prospects, provide regular reports on your activities via the CRM, transmit relevant information on customers and competitors, and execute Business & Merchant Performance Agreements once a year. 

Your tools

You must follow and enforce Health, Environment & Safety rules for the sales teams, the marketing department, and the drivers. 

You will also enjoy all of the tools that are essential for your job: phone, company car, business credit card, gas card, and tablet/PC. You will receive training to keep you up to date on the new products. 

Your profile and soft skills

You are disciplined, independent, and organized, and are known for your ability to adapt to different situations and people. You are attentive to your customers’ needs.

Your professional expertise

You must have a business school degree and 5 to 10 years of experience. You must be skilled in sales and negotiation, and be familiar with the world of manufacturing and distribution.

As a Branch Manager, your role will be to provide appropriate solutions to all of your customers, including building professionals and consumers, while earning their loyalty and forging a close relationship with them.

Your day-to-day responsibilities

Managing the profit center, overseeing the teams, and expanding market share. 

You’ll maintain the sales outlet, prepare budget meetings, and manage the operating account. 

You’ll also manage and support a team of about twenty people, run monthly meetings and weekly debriefs, and set up interviews with your employees. 

You’ll roll out business development projects, supervise all commercial operations, and manage the customer portfolio.

Your tools

Your salesmanship. You are focused on customer satisfaction, and provide effective service to all of your stakeholders.

Your profile and soft skills

You are known for your interpersonal skills and versatility, and you enjoy managing and working closely with your teams. You are consistently results-oriented.

Your professional expertise

As a Branch Manager, you must have three years of management experience in a dynamic environment, and should also have experience with selling technical products. 

As an Area/Sector Director, your main responsibility will be to increase market share in your area by implementing the commercial policy, ensuring customer satisfaction, and providing good management, while also ensuring profitability.

Your day-to-day responsibilities

Management, sales, and financial oversight. 

You’ll support the company’s vision and its national projects, manage the area under your purview and its managers, and participate in Human Resources assignments. You’ll implement the commercial strategy while adapting it to local specificities, analyze commercial KPIs, work with the Site/Branch Managers to determine what steps to take, resolve major customer disputes, and maintain close relations with major accounts.

You’ll support the Site/Branch Managers by incorporating regional guidelines into the budget planning and monitoring process, and share analyses from the financial dashboards with them. 

Your tools

Your area. It contains nearly 20 sales outlets, with a total workforce of nearly 100 people. On a day-to-day basis, you’ll directly oversee the various managers of your sales outlets. You’ll spend 90% of your time in the field.

Your profile and soft skills

You’re always looking to bolster your sales approach, while paying special attention to your margins and facilitating the various strategic changes. You are able to take a step back and look at existing methods in order to offer concrete solutions to your teams. Deep down, you are a manager at heart.

Your professional expertise

You have a higher education degree and 10 years of management experience in DIY distribution or BtoB sales. Throughout your career, you have been able to refine your leadership skills and sales acumen in order to instill a culture of change.

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