Building with glass

Protect against the cold, the sun’s heat and noise, live safely, reduce cleaning and even protect your privacy: in response to these issues, Saint-Gobain offers a wide range of glass specifically designed for new construction and renovation projects. Combining transparency, durability and design, sustainable habitat glass contributes to the aesthetic appearance and energy efficiency of residential and tertiary buildings while also improving user comfort.

Sustainable habitat glass 

High energy efficiency glass 

Building façades provide thermal and acoustic insulation of premises while allowing occupants to see outside and natural light in. The performance of glazed walls depends on three criteria: thermal insulation, input of natural light and control of solar gain. As a component in a building’s envelope, glass plays a crucial role in the energy performance and comfort of buildings. 

Assembled as double-glazing, sgg PLANITHERM® DUAL has an energy performance close to that of triple-glazing, thanks to low-emissivity coatings on both interior surfaces of the glazing unit. 

High energy efficiency CLIMAPLUS double-glazing and CLIMATOP triple-glazing coupled with coated glass from the sgg PLANITHERM range insulate respectively three and seven times better than standard double-glazing. Effective thermal insulation ensures occupant comfort in summer and winter, and eradicates the cold wall effect.

CLIMATOP LUX triple-glazing combines the thermal insulation of triple-glazing while allowing the same solar gain as high energy efficiency double-glazing: its energy performance is similar to that of a solid wall. CLIMAPLUS DUAL 0.9 double-glazing marks a quantum leap in the evolution of insulating windows: its energy performance is close to that of triple-glazing while retaining the advantages of low weight and the thickness of double-glazing. 

sgg ANTELIO, sgg COOL-LITE ST and sgg REFLECTASOL solar-control glazing limit energy gain while ensuring good natural lighting indoors. Minimizing heat loss and maximizing natural light is a priority that goes hand-in-hand with controlling solar gain to limit excessive heat build-up inside premises. sgg COOL-LITE KT and SKN, and sgg COOL-LITE XTREME “selective” solar-control glazing meet this objective and can reflect up to 80% of the sun’s energy, thereby reducing the need for air conditioning. Another major innovation is SageGlass®, dynamic glass, which tints electronically on command or automatically, and protects occupants against the sun’s heat and glare while remaining transparent.

Attractive glass also improves well-being 

Glazing provides architects with a wide range of possibilities for designing extensively glazed, transparent facades that are also energy-efficient. In addition to thermal comfort, this glazing can also combine various complementary functions: personal and property security with sgg STADIP and sgg STADIP PROTECT, fire protection with Vetrotech's transparent fire-retardant CONTRAFLAM that protects for 30 to 120 minutes, acoustic insulation with sgg STADIP SILENCE, which halves the level of noise entering a building from outside, self-cleaning treatment with sgg BIOCLEAN and sgg VIEWCLEAR to avoid the phenomenon of external condensation on high thermal insulation glass. This is truly “multi-function” or “multi-comfort” glazing that provides building occupants with maximum well-being. 

To get the best possible benefit from daylight, extra clear DIAMANT substrate is recommended for additional use in many different glazing configurations. It improves the aesthetic appearance and light transmission, and the lighting autonomy of premises through the use of natural light thanks to its optimum transparency. Virtually reflection-free, VISION-LITE glass is made using this substrate and provides a new aesthetic for display windows.

Glass can also be used to personalize a facade with a unique design in colored, opaque or translucent mineral enamel with EMALIT ÉVOLUTION and SERALIT ÉVOLUTION. 

Glass is not only used for facades. LITE-FLOOR is used for safe, transparent floors; it is used structurally, for example, on the new Quarto Ponte sul Canal Grande in Venice (Italy), the New York City Ticket Booth (United States), and even the first floor of the Eiffel Tower in Paris (France). 

Solar Gard, when glass and plastic work together

Solar Gard films have been designed to be applied on both the inside and outside of building glass to protect occupants from the effects of the sun’s heat, glare and UV rays. They are a less costly solution for solar protection than air conditioning or blinds and awnings. Additionally, with its Armorcoat® range, Solar Gard provides security films for windows to protect occupants and property from injury in the event of breakage and to act as a barrier against breaking and entering. 

Glazing to protect the environment 

The first glassmakers in the world to have assessed the ecological footprint of its products throughout their entire life cycle, Saint-Gobain Glass and Glassolutions have for many years been committed to:

  • Reducing their energy, water, and raw material consumption, and CO2 emissions during production, 
  • Enhancing glazing’s thermal performance during use, 
  • Improving glass recycling glazing at its end-of-life.

Making the right glass choice 


Saint-Gobain Glass and Glassolutions supply glass with various properties for windows and picture windows in homes, as well as for veranda and conservatory walls, glass roofs, light wells and entrance doors. 

The free SGS Glass Compass app makes it possible to choose the right glass for each specific situation, depending on where your home is located and the orientation of its windows. It calculates the heating energy savings achieved for each solution selected, and the CO2 emissions avoided. It also presents the various advantages of glazing in terms of summer or winter, acoustic, security, UV protection and self-cleaning comfort levels. sgg Glass Compass can be viewed on the Internet, iOs and Android.

The dB Station app allows you to experience the noise reduction impact of various types of Saint-Gobain glazing. It is available from iOs and Android.

For architects and façade specialists

Saint-Gobain has contributed to creating some of the world’s most audacious architectural projects. At Glassolutions, XXLGLASS in particular specializes in technically complex and large-scale international architectural projects. Its glazing meets the needs of architects and façade specialists seeking innovative and eco-efficient glass solutions. It is also a major advantage for obtaining the rapidly growing environmental certifications (LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, HQE, etc.). 

The Glass Façade app presents architectural projects glazed by Saint-Gobain around the world. View these superb facades on the Internet, iOs and Android.

National Centre for the Performing Arts

The 6,600-square meter roof of this center is constructed in titanium and sgg PLANITHERM and sgg DIAMANT glass. The building has been designed to evoke the symbol of the traditional Chinese philosophy of yin and yang.