The world’s leading manufacturer of ductile iron pipes

Saint-Gobain PAM provides complete solutions for the drinking water distribution, wastewater systems, municipal castings and soil & drain-markets.

Comprehensive systems

Logistical and technical quality  

With more than 100,000 product references in its catalogue, Saint-Gobain PAM provides optimum quality products developed in accordance with European and international standards. 

Ductile iron pipes with coatings and fittings adapted to various site configurations and soil types withstand the hazards during their transportation, handling, laying and use. 

PAM's solutions

Solutions sold under the PAM worldwide brand include:

  • Complete ductile iron solutions for: 
    • drinking water distribution, irrigation, wastewater and rainwater evacuation markets,
    • mine and industry markets, 
  • Complete ranges of hydraulic valves, hydrants and fittings for water networks,
  • Ductile iron municipal castings for network access (water, wastewater and telecommunications),
  • Complete ductile iron pipe systems for collecting and evacuating rainwater in buildings,
  • Ductile iron pipe systems for EAHX (earth-air heat exchangers). 

Renowned expertise 

For the Taweelah drinking water supply network a twin ductile iron pipeline with standard coating was laid in the desert environment in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates).

The quality of the solutions provided by Saint-Gobain PAM is recognized by customers for the life span of pipe systems, their ease of installation, performance, product reliability, the services provided and the range of products available. 

An extensive commercial and technical network provides local service to municipal authorities, public and private network operators, engineering firms, laying contractors, merchants and suppliers.

Did you know ? 20,000 km of pipes are delivered on average each year in more than 145 countries.

Sustainability is our priority

Saint-Gobain PAM’s solutions have remarkable environmental benefits: their long life span and watertightness preserve water resources. 

From product design to delivery 

Ductile iron is 100% and indefinitely recyclable. Saint-Gobain PAM has reduced its energy and raw material consumption and CO2 emissions by lowering the weight of pipes by one third and tripling their life span in the past 10 years and through the introduction of more ergonomic pipe laying techniques. During the production cycle, all pollution emissions are filtered and all waste is recycled.

Pipes in figures

  • 21 industrial sites in 9 countries 
  • 19 sales offices in 19 countries
  • Deliveries in more than 145 countries

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