Trendy interior glass

Driven by consumers’ growing attraction for glass, it is increasingly being used in home interiors, offices and stores. With growing use, the number of applications is also expanding. Saint-Gobain Glass and Glassolutions are applying all their expertise to develop products in response to this modern trend.

The glass advantage 

Trendy glass now 

The A Glass House showroom in the Marais district in Paris (France) presents all glass solutions and products by Glassolutions for interior finishing.

Because it transforms spaces, makes them seem bigger or partitions them off; because it plays with the effects of light and can be used for all manner of customization, glass has become the go-to interior decoration product for living and working spaces. Its use is increasingly widespread in all market segments. To support these ever-expanding applications, interior glass is being presented in new forms and acquiring new markets with, however, clear differences from one country to another. Its durability, longevity, easy maintenance and timeless aesthetic, makes glass the ideal solution for today’s interior finishing requirements: Saint-Gobain Glass and Glassolutions provide high-performance solutions that improve comfort and protect the environment.

Comprehensive and innovative product range 

Saint-Gobain Glass and Glassolutions are specialists that currently provide the most comprehensive and the most innovative product range with a solution for each specific application (furniture, doors, partitions, etc.).

They provide solutions for interior architects and manufacturers, as well as glaziers, specialist bathroom and kitchen distributors, and DIY stores. In addition to its direct customers (transformers and dealers), Saint-Gobain Glass develops partnerships with specialists, furniture or partition makers, etc.

Innovation is crucial on the interior glass market. “We provide unique products that cannot be replaced with any other,” points out Jean-François Outin, Director Interior Glass Market, Glassolutions. And there is no let-up in the pace of innovation, “Our aim is to speed it up even more in the coming five years in order to release increasingly innovative products,” explains Isabelle Bernheim, Market Manager at Saint-Gobain Glass.

Serving the customer 

Materials for every comfort 

Whether for their aesthetic appearance, environmental performance or security, Saint-Gobain provides unprecedented solutions for interior spaces.

In the kitchen, sgg PLANILAQUE EVOLUTION or DECOLAQUE lacquered glass is widely used for work spaces and wall covering, and patterned and silk-screen printed glass is used for cabinets and furniture.

Ecological sgg MIRALITE REVOLUTION and PURE mirror and DESIRE lighting mirror have gained a privileged position in bathrooms and bedrooms. Easy-to-clean sgg TIMELESS, tinted (sgg PARSOL ULTRA GRIS), matt (sgg SATINOVO MATE) and patterned (sgg MASTERGLASS) glass is used for shower walls.

The possibilities for interior decoration are endless. Saint-Gobain has developed a range of techniques for personalizing materials, such as PICTUREit digital printing on glass, and many other innovations such as TEX GLASS incorporating fabric, and sgg PICTO anti-reflective glass for framing. 

For partitions and doors, the range of products goes well beyond security glass, such as STADIP laminated glass or CONTRAFLAM fire-protection glazing. New functions have been incorporated: CLIP-IN partitions with virtually invisible frames, PRIVA-LITE glass screens that become translucent for privacy, CONTOUR architectural curved glass, EGLAS heating glass, sgg MIRASTAR glass with chrome coating, etc. 

Saint-Gobain provides many more applications, ranging from LITE-FLOOR slip-resistant floor tiles to EASY-GLASS railing. Saint-Gobain also supplies specialty glass, such as EuroKera glass ceramic cooktops and KERALITE for hearths and stove doors.

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Guided tour Saint-Gobain Glass and Glassolutions solutions for interior finishing in residential and tertiary buildings

Personalize your interior

Saint-Gobain Glass and Glassolutions help you choose your interior finishing with a series of tablet apps and web catalogues:

  • The Glass Vision iPad and Android app (in French only) presents more than 90 glass products in actual interior displays. A real technical feat using augmented reality, this tool reproduces the effect of Saint-Gobain Glass products and guides you in making your choice,
  • The Glass Design app, available for iPad iPad, Android eand on Internet (in French only), provides images to help you choose your glass. You can navigate through a vast photo library using three search criteria: product, application or type of building. Each photo is accompanied with a product data sheet,
  • View all the interior glass solutions in the Glassolutions catalogue.