What it looks like to work at Saint-Gobain? Inclusion, students, mobility, CSR, intrapreneurship, social protection... We reveal everything on this dedicated page.

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Wherever it operates, the Group is committed to fostering inclusion and promoting diversity in all its forms: gender, nationalities, training, career paths, generational diversity, disabilities, ethnic and social origins. 

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Change country, brand or business area! 
Inter-profession and inter-brand mobilities promote access to positions of high responsibility and provide real added value to our employees.

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Saint-Gobain has 167,000 employees around the world who are bound by the same passion: Make the World a Better HomeA goal that links us all together and shared on a daily basis.

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We are committed to ensuring that our activities, our employees and our partners work together to build a more sustainable and inclusive world. At Saint-Gobain, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is at the heart of our value creation model.

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At Saint-Gobain, the employee savings plan (PGE - Plan d'Epargne Groupe) has been in use for more than 30 years and is now available in some 50 countries. It is open to all employees with at least three months' seniority. 

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The Intrapreneurship with InPulse

InPulse by Nova is the intrapreneurship program for Saint-Gobain employees. It has been designed to encourage them to develop their startup and accelerate innovation within the Group and generate growth ideas by exploring new concepts.

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Autonomy and responsibility for teams – 70% of new hires consider the degree of autonomy in the company is consistent or higher than their initial expectations.

At Saint-Gobain, we encourage permanent development of skills and abilities to innovate and differentiate. Our e-learning courses are available in 30 languages and accessible to all employees via an online dedicated platform.

The Saint-Gobain Group has developed a number of shared principles applied both by management and employees that have guided the Group's activities over the years. These principles are the Principles of Conduct and Action (PCA's).

Adherence to these principles is a requirement for belonging to the Saint-Gobain Group.

Formalized in 2003, they have been translated into 33 languages. They are communicated and explained to all employees of Saint-Gobain and are prominently displayed throughout our business locations. They are applicable to all companies within the Group wherever they are present.

5 principles of conduct: Professional commitment / Respect for others / Integrity / Loyalty / Solidarity

4 principle of action:  Respect for the law / Caring for the environment / Workers health and safety / Employees’ rights.

Saint-Gobain's HR policies are structured around 4 priorities: professional mobility, team diversity, employee commitment and talent development.

Yes, the “CARE by Saint-Gobain” program. It covers medical support for the families and access to care, providing minimum cover for health costs, leave for the arrival of a child in the home and for death by providing the family with financial aid. It is divided into three pillars (parenthood, health and life insurance) and the associated five minimum guaranteed areas of cover:

  • Two for parenthood, with a minimum of 14 weeks maternity leave on full salary and a minimum of three days leave on full salary for the spouse or partner for the birth or adoption of a child.
  • Two for health, with a minimum of 80% of medical expenses covered for general practitioners and hospitalization covered for employees and their families.
  • One for life insurance, providing an employee’s family with one year’s full salary in the event of death.

In those countries where the local legislation or market practices provide for a higher level of cover, these will of course be applied.

Health Policy

Our health ambition for our employees consists of:

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  • Promoting a healthy working environment by controlling occupational risks, including psychological risks, through action plans run locally and centrally, monitored according to the Group’s standards and guidelines, and considering those most at risk and the diversity of profiles.
  • Encouraging/developing and promoting their health through medical monitoring adapted to their risk profile, comprehensive prevention campaigns, access to care and social protection for all and, lastly, arrangements to keep them at their job through workstation accommodations or adapted mobility. 

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Happy Trainees

The interns and work trainees interviewed particularly emphasize the pride they feel in belonging to Saint-Gobain, appreciate the opportunities for career advancement, but also the quality of the human relations (respect, sincerity, accessibility) that they experienced during their experience.

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Happy Trainees

Anonymous apprentice via the Happy Trainees survey.

What I like most about Saint-Gobain is the integration into the company and its culture. I am encouraged. I evolve from day to day. I have acquired a very good experience. I have never felt so good in a company and I have the pleasure of coming to work there every day. Director and tutor, at the top!