Reveal what makes you unique and maximize your potential​ within teams that share the same open and caring mindset. ​



  • Achieve your full potential by growing and progressing as a member​ of a caring team.
  • Take maximum advantage of learning and development opportunities within​ a respectful and inclusive culture.​
  • Work in an environment that guarantees the safety and integrity​ of every individual.


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  • Nearly 40% of the members of the Executive Committee are women, and we have set ourselves the target of having 30% of executives women by 2025.


  • In 2023, Saint-Gobain appears in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index for the 5th year running.


  • In France, a Diversity Fresco and guides on various subjects (sexism, religion, discrimination against the LGBTQIA+ community) are offered to employees to raise awareness.


  • 90% of Saint-Gobain employees believe that people are respected whatever their backgrounds (gender, age, ethnic origin, sexual orientation...)*.


  • 89% consider that their team is good at creating a positive work atmosphere*.

*Results of the me@saintgobain internal survey conducted by Ipsos.



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Sami, Senior Data Scientist

FOR SAMI, letting his personality shine through means: satisfying his passion for data by optimizing the activities of Saint Gobain.

Working in constant collaboration with the company's many teams, Sami puts his know-how to work for them, helping them to improve their day-to-day operations: optimizing warehouse space to reduce team travel, defining the price of a product, but also evaluating the carbon footprint of Saint-Gobain products and services... There's nothing better to satisfy his interest in data processing!



Armed with his models, Sami can create a digital object that enables him to have a direct impact on the work of his colleagues, right from his computer.

The more advanced the technical challenge, the more Sami finds opportunities to have fun with his work! That's not to say that the data scientist never takes his eyes off his lines of code. At Saint-Gobain, he finds a balance between work and his private life, allowing him to develop his skills while looking after his children. Above all, he appreciates the friendliness of his working environment and the diversity of the teams with whom he interacts every day.

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Sami's career path

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