Seize opportunities for growth and designing solutions​ that have a positive impact on the planet.

Innovate for a more sustainable world
What are the benefits as an employee?​

Portrait collaborateur Patrick

Patrick, Business & Technology Development Manager
  • Get on board with a corporate plan that is totally committed to achieving carbon neutrality.
  • Design, produce and provide​ customers with sustainable solutions​ to create a better future for everyone.
  • Apply your technical skills​ and innovative mindset​ to facilitate sustainable change.​


FOR PATRICK, innovating for a more sustainable world means: seeing how the energy spent every day can be put to good use and become meaningful for society.

Coming from a start-up background, Patrick has found the same freedom and adrenalin in his work at Saint-Gobain! For Patrick, who heads up a team of researchers, every day is a new opportunity to study and develop new solutions for the energy transition.



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Patrick’s career path                                 

Patrick sees his work as a playground on which to conduct innovative and stimulating experiments. This is why he has spent the last few years contributing to the development of sustainable batteries for electric cars.

Through his assignments, Patrick finds every opportunity to develop his passion for subjects such as the circular economy. In addition to his scientific knowledge, he has also been able to discover new marketing skills, as his role as business manager leads him to seek out new markets for the Group. There's nothing more exciting, he says, than putting on that "pioneer’s hat" every day.

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from the perspective of innovation for sustainability

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At Saint-Gobain, we are committed to ensuring that our activities, our employees and our partners are jointly involved in building a more sustainable and inclusive world.


Research and Innovation are at the heart of Saint-Gobain’s strategy. The Group’s research focuses both on breakthrough innovations and on continuously improving its products, processes and services in a spirit of openness and attentiveness to customer needs.



Materials science, social science, data science and the science of design. Innovation is everywhere, but we still need to understand how it works and for what purpose. 

Did you know ?

At Saint-Gobain, we are all committed to a sustainable world: committed to people, committed to sustainable growth and committed to the planet.

What jobs?

Our 9 job areas are facing the challenge of innovation for sustainability at Saint-Gobain. But here are those whose daily work is focused on it.

Lucia R&D


Deep in the heart of our laboratories, they reinvent matter and create new technologies that allow us to dream big for the future! Meet the people who are passionate about progress in all its forms: our Research & Development team.

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Sustainability & EHS

Jobs related to sustainability and safety are present throughout the Saint-Gobain Group: Life Cycle Analyst, Sustainability Analysis and Reporting Manager, EHS Manager - Environment, Health and Safety, etc.



Digital innovation is the result of a combined effort by the business and IT teams. The information system teams are the driving force behind our digital transformation.